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1967 Canada Gairdner Awards

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Gairdner Foundation International Award

Christian de Duve

(For the discovery of Iysosomes. These are membrane bound subcellular particles containing hydrolytic enzymes and other biologically active substances. He isolated the characterized Iysosomes chemically and ultrastructurally. These subcellular particles play an important role in physiological and pathological processes. Their discovery has led to a better understanding of many disease processes and has opened innumerable new avenues of research.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Marshall Warren Nirenberg

(In recognition of his contributions to our understanding of the mechanisms of protein synthesis. His work demonstrated the validity of concepts of the role of various nucleic acid species in the cell. He initiated and pursued studies which eventually led to a complete understanding of the chemical basis of the genetic code.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

George Emil Palade

(In recognition of his many contributions to the development of methods of preparing cells and tissues so that subcellular components could be adequately preserved and visualized in the electron microscope, and to his pioneering use of these methods to develop knowledge about structure and function of cellular components.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Julius Axelrod, Sidney Udenfriend

(In recognition of their wide-ranging and fundamental discoveries in relation to the chemistry, biosynthesis, metabolism and pharmacology of biogenic amines, especially the catecholamines. This work has had a major influence in the fields of hypertension and psychopharmacology.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Harold Copp

(In recognition of his important contributions to the problems of calcium homeostasis, particularly his demonstration of the existence of a new hormone calcitonin which directly alters blood calcium levels and also his confirmation that the source of the hormone is the ultimobranchial glands.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Iain Macintyre

(In recognition of his important contributions in the field of mineral metabolism, and in particular for his studies of the physiology of calcitonin, and for his elucidation of numerous aspects of magnesium metabolism in experimental animals and man.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Peter J. Moloney

(In recognition of a long and distinguished career marked by many important contributions to immunology and diabetes.This has included the introduction of toxoids for immunization against diptheria and tetanus, the demonstration in animals and man of antibodies against insulin and the development of sulphated insulin, which is effective in patients who have become insulin resistant.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

James Fraser Mustard

(In recognition of his outstanding contributions in the fields of thrombosis and artherosclerosis, particularly his investigation of platelet economy, function, and metabolism, which have pointed to a relationship between thrombosis and artherosclerosis, and specifically for his classical experimental flow model demonstrating sites of thrombus accumulation, for the demonstration of platelet phagocytosis, and for the elucidation of factors affecting platelet aggregation.)