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1977 Canada Gairdner Awards

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Gairdner Foundation International Award

Karl Frank Austen

(For his contributions to our understanding of the factors involved in the initiation, amplification and control of the inflammatory response.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Cyril Clarke

(In recognition of his original and far-reaching contributions to the prevention of haemolytic disease of the newborn.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Jean Dausset

(For recognition of the effects of histocompatibility antigens in humans, and his continuing leadership in the application of this knowledge to such diverse fields as transplantation immunology and the study of genetically determined diseases.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Henry Friesen

(In recognition of his contributions to the understanding of the biochemistry, physiology and pathophysiology of lactogenic hormones and, in particular, for the identification of human prolactin.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Victor A. McKusick

(In recognition of his many contributions to the development of the field of clinical genetics and his role in placing human genetics in the mainstream of clinical medicine.)