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1983 Edgar Award

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1983 Edgar Awards

Edgar Award for Best Novel

Rick Boyer

Honored for : Billingsgate Shoal

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Rick Boyer Billingsgate Shoal
Lawrence Block Eight Million Ways to Die
Donald E. Westlake Kahawa
Elmore Leonard Split Images
Seymour Shubin The Captain
Edgar Grand Master Award
Edgar Award for Best Juvenile

Robbie Branscum

Honored for : The Murder of Hound Dog Bates

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Robbie Branscum The Murder of Hound Dog Bates
Glendon Swarthout Cadbury's Coffin
Kathryn Swarthout Cadbury's Coffin
Alfred Slote Clone Catcher
Nina Bawden Kept in the Dark
Terrance Dicks The Case of the Cop Catchers
Edgar Award for Best First Novel by an American Author

Thomas Perry

Honored for : The Butcher's Boy

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Thomas Perry The Butcher's Boy
S.F.X. Dean By Frequent Anguish
John Katzenbach In the Heat of the Summer
Ernest Savage Two If By Sea
Richard N. Hughes Unholy Communion
The Ellery Queen Award
Edgar Award for Best Paperback Original

Teri White

Honored for : Triangle

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Teri White Triangle
James Ellroy Clandestine
Jack Lynch The Missing and the Dead
Ralph Burrows, M.D. Vital Signs
Edgar Award for Best Short Story

Frederick Forsyth

Honored for : There are No Snakes in Ireland
(Anthology: No Comebacks)

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Frederick Forsyth There are No Snakes in Ireland
James Holding A Decent Price for a Painting
Clark Howard All the Heroes Are Dead
R.R. Rafferty Tall Tommy and the Millionaire
Edgar Award for Best Critical/Biographical

Roy Hoopes

Honored for : Cain

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Roy Hoopes Cain
Bill Pronzini Gun in Cheek
Robin Winks Modus Operandi
George N. Dove The Police Procedural
Edgar Award for Best Fact Crime

Richard Hammer

Honored for : Vatican Connection

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Richard Hammer Vatican Connection
Ernest Tidyman Big Bucks
William Randolph Stevens Deadly Intentions
David McClintick Indecent Exposure: A True Story of Hollywood and Wall Street
Myron Farber Somebody is Lying: The Story of Doctor X
Edgar Award for Best Television Episode Teleplay

Joel Steiger

Honored for : In the Steele of the Night

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Joel Steiger In the Steele of the Night
Bob Shayne Ashes to Ashes, and None Too Soon
Richard Christian Danus X-22 (1)","X-22 (2)
Ken Trevey X-22 (1)","X-22 (2)
Edgar Awards for Best Television Feature/Mini-Series Teleplay

Richard Levinson, William Link

Honored for : Rehearsal for Murder

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Richard Levinson Rehearsal for Murder
William Link Rehearsal for Murder
Felix Culver One Shoe Makes It Murder
Lee Hutson The Big Easy
Special Edgars Award

Stephen Talbot

Honored for : Current Affairs: The Case of Dashiell Hammett
Raven Award

Isaac Bashevis Singer

(Reader of the Year)
Edgar Award for Best Motion Picture Screenplay

Barrie Keeffe

Honored for : The Long Good Friday

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Barrie Keeffe The Long Good Friday
Steven E. de Souza 48 Hrs.
Larry Gross 48 Hrs.
Walter Hill 48 Hrs.
Roger Spottiswoode 48 Hrs.
Anthony Shaffer Evil Under the Sun
Robert Benton Still of the Night