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Juno Award for Reggae Recording of the Year

Juno Award

The Juno Award for "Reggae Recording of the Year" has been awarded since 1985, as recognition each year for the best reggae album in Canada.
Date Established : 1985

Check all the winners of Juno Award for Reggae Recording of the Year presented under Juno Award since 1985 .

Exco Levi

Honored for : Strive

Nominations 2014 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Akustix Mandela
Ammoye Baby It's You
Dubmatix Rebel Massive
Exco Levi Strive
Dru Love Collision

Exco Levi

Honored for : Storms of Life

Nominations 2013 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Ammoye Radio
Elaine Shepherd Move Ya\u2019
Exco Levi Storms of Life
Makeshift Innocence Yours To Keep
Melanie Durrant Made For Love

Exco Levi

Honored for : Bleaching Shop

Nominations 2012 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Exco Levi Bleaching Shop
Jay Douglas Lover's Paradise
Tanya Mullings Rescue Me
Steele Woman
Dubmatix Seeds of Love & Life

Elaine Shepherd

Honored for : Likkle But Mi Tallawah

Nominations 2011 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Lyndon John X Brighter Days
Tonya P Don\u2019t Wanna Go
Tony Anthony Million Chance
Dubmatix System Shakedown
Elaine Shepherd Likkle But Mi Tallawah

Dubmatix, Prince Blanco

Honored for : Gonna Be Alright

Nominations 2010 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Ghislain Poirier Wha-La-La-Leng
Face-T Wha-La-La-Leng
Kim Davis Show Me The Way
Tanya Mullings Breaking Up
Carl Henry III American Dream
Dubmatix Gonna Be Alright
Prince Blanco Gonna Be Alright


Honored for : Everything

Nominations 2009 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Souljah Fyah Truth Will Reveal
Jason Wilson The Peacemaker's Chauffeur
Dubmatix Renegade Rocker
Blessed Jah Lift Me Up
Humble Everything

Mikey Dangerous

Honored for : Don't Go Pretending

Nominations 2008 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Mikey Dangerous Don't Go Pretending
Korexion Don't Go
Blessed Final Road
Tanya Mullings Music is my Life
Lyndon John X Two Chord Skankin


Honored for : Xrated

Nominations 2007 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Humble Hard to See
Korexion Xrated
Kulcha Connection Monte le Son
Kwesi Selassie Survival
Trinity Chris In The Streets
Blessed In The Streets


Honored for : Reggae Time

Nominations 2006 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Blessed Reggae Time
Carl Henry Hot Gal feat. Rally Bop
Truths and Rights Live Up
Odel Mind & Body, Sold
Jah Beng River of Healing

Sonia Collymore

Honored for : WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)

Nominations 2005 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Sonia Collymore WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get)
Carl Henry Bare as She Dare
Ce'cile Bare as She Dare
Kardinal Offishall Empty Barrel
Blessed Empty Barrel
Korexion It's All Bless
Steele Uncorrupted

Leroy Brown

Honored for : Rent A Tile

Nominations 2004 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Nana McLean Nana's Medley Part 2
Leroy Brown Rent A Tile
Dezzie Tease Me
Carl Henry Homie's Girl
Blessed Smile

Sonia Collymore

Honored for : You Won't See Me Cry

Nominations 2003 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Sonia Collymore You Won't See Me Cry
Carla Marshall Gifted Man
Belinda Brady Gifted Man
Leroy Brown Heartache
Kulcha Connection She Boom
Rain Two Hands Clapping


Honored for : Love (African Woman)

Nominations 2002 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Blessed Love (African Woman)
Iley Dread A Friend for Life
Sonia Collymore Breathe
Chester Miller Never Let Jah Go
Peculiar I They Called Me Madness

Lenn Hammond

Honored for : Lenn Hammond

Nominations 2001 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Lenn Hammond Lenn Hammond
Tasha T Dem Need More Love
Jason Wilson Jonah
Tabarruk Jonah
Lazo Love Is On Your Side
Jimmy Reid Secret Emotion


Honored for : Heart & Soul

Nominations 2000 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Lazo Heart & Soul
The Luge Sessions Hard End
Willi Williams Thanks and Devotion
Andru Branch What If I Told You
Choices Sometimes

Frankie Wilmott

Honored for : Vision

Nominations 1999 »

Nominee Nominated Work
DJ Ray The Original
Frankie Wilmott Vision
Inspector Lenny Chains And Shackles (Radio Edit)
Lazah Current Glorious Ride
Mystics The Way I Feel


Honored for : Catch De Vibe

Nominations 1998 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Messenjah Catch De Vibe
Jahbeng Cry For The Children
Leroy Brown Flex (Dancehall Mix)
Rain Justuss
Leroy Brown Nice & Slow

Nana McLean

Honored for : Nana McLean

Nominations 1997 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Nana McLean Nana McLean
Lenn Hammond Just the Other Night
Kali and Dub Rise Up!
Adrian Miller Rude Boy on the Bus
Tatix time bomb

The Sattalites

Honored for : Now and Forever

Nominations 1996 »

Nominee Nominated Work
The Sattalites Now and Forever
Tanya Mullings Real Personal
Rain Si Wi Dem Nuh Know We
Lazo Something Real
Errol Blackwood Waking Up the Dream

Carla Marshall

Honored for : Class and Credential

Nominations 1995 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Carla Marshall Class and Credential
Tanya Mullings A Love Thang
Lazah Current Lazah Current
One Smokin' the Goats
Fujahtive The Sound


Honored for : Informer

Nominations 1994 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Rain Informer
D.J. Ray Secret Admirer
Leejahn Save the Children
Tanya Mullings Love and Affection
Inspector Lenny Child Support

The Gathering

(Various Artists)

Nominations 1992 »

Nominee Nominated Work
The Gathering
Various Artists
Anoosh Haï Musik
Kashtin Innu
The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band
Jeannette Armstrong Till the Bars Break

Jayson & Friends

Honored for : Soldiers We Are All

Nominations 1991 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Jayson & Friends Soldiers We Are All
Mojah Broken Arrow
Leroy Sibbles Eyes Like Fire
Messenjah Rock and Sway
Jackie Mittoo Wild Jockey

The Sattalites

Honored for : Too Late To Turn Back Now

Nominations 1990 »

Nominee Nominated Work
The Sattalites Too Late To Turn Back Now
Elsworth James Tribute to Ben Johnson
Leroy Sibbles South Africa is a Disgrace
Elsworth James Soca Band
Clifton Joseph Chuckie Prophesy

Lillian Allen

Honored for : Conditions Critical

Nominations 1989 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Chester Miller Shedrock
Elsworth James I Like Calypso
Errol Blackwood Give Peace a Chance
Lillian Allen Conditions Critical
Devon Haughton War On Drugs

Leroy Sibbles

Honored for : Mean while

Nominations 1987 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Errol Blackwood Chant, Chant
Messenjah Crazy
Adrian Miller Empty Promises
The Sattalites Live Via Sattalites
Leroy Sibbles Mean while

Lillian Allen

Honored for : Revolutionary Tea Party

Nominations 1986 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Lillian Allen Revolutionary Tea Party
Jayson Free South Africa
Ras Lee Moonlight Lover
Messenjah Night Rider
George Banton No One Can Love Me Like You Do

Otis Gayle, Liberty Silver

Honored for : Heaven Must Have Sent You

Nominations 1985 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Otis Gayle Heaven Must Have Sent You
Liberty Silver Heaven Must Have Sent You
Mojah Camboulay Dub
Trade Winds Trade Winds '84
The Sattalites Sattalites
Syren Higher Love