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2004 National Medal of Science

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National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

Norman Borlaug

(For his success in breeding semi-dwarf, disease-resistant high-yield wheat and instructing farmers in its cultivation under harsh growing conditions, thus providing a new high-quality food source for millions of people around the world.)
National Medal of Science for Behavioral and Social Science

Kenneth Arrow

(For his contribution to the field of economics exemplified by his work on general equilibrium theory, social welfare theory, endogenous growth theory, health economics, and information economics. )
National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

Phillip Allen Sharp

(For his contributions to understanding the biochemical pathway of RNA interference phenomena and for his use of RNA interference techniques to perform genetic analyses in mammalian cells.)
National Medal of Science for Chemistry

Stephen J. Lippard

(For pioneering research in bioinorganic chemistry, which enriched our understanding of how metal compounds interact with DNA, provided important synthetic models for the active sites of metalloproteins, and elucidated key structural and mechanistic features of methane monooxygenase.)
National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

Thomas Starzl

(For his pioneering work in liver transplantation and his discoveries in immunosuppressive medication that advanced the field of organ transplantation.)
National Medal of Science for Mathematics and Computer Science

Dennis Sullivan

(For his achievements in mathematics, including solving some of the most difficult problems and creating entirely new areas of activity, and for uncovering striking, unexpected connections between seemingly unrelated fields.)
National Medal of Science for Engineering

Edwin N. Lightfoot

(For his innovative research and leadership in transport phenomena focusing on biochemical and biomedical engineering with application to blood oxygenation, bioseparation techniques, and diabetic responses)
National Medal of Science for Physical Science

Robert N. Clayton

(For his contributions to geochemistry and cosmochemistry that provided major insights into the evolution of the solar system through his discovery of non-mass-dependent isotope shifts in meteorites.)