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1996 Shamus Award

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Shamus Award for Best P. I. Short Story

Gar Anthony Haywood

Honored for : And Pray Nobody Sees You

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Nominee Nominated Work
Gar Anthony Haywood And Pray Nobody Sees You
David Dean Trial By Fire
Bill Pomidor Plain and Honest Death
Bill Pronzini Home Is The Place Where
D.H. Reddall Enigma
Shamus Award for Best Original P.I. Paperback

William Jaspersohn

Honored for : Native Angels

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Nominee Nominated Work
William Jaspersohn Native Angels
J.D. Knight Zero Tolerance
Shelley Singer Interview With Mattie
Gloria White Charged With Guilt
Steven Womack Way Past Dead
Shamus Award for Best P. I. Hardcover Novel

S. J. Rozan

Honored for : Concourse

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Nominee Nominated Work
S. J. Rozan Concourse
Earl Emerson Vanishing Smile
Dick Francis Come to Grief
Parnell Hall Movie
Dick Lochte Neon Smile
Shamus Award for Best First P. I. Novel

Richard Barre

Honored for : The innocents

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Nominee Nominated Work
Richard Barre The innocents
G.M. Ford Who in hell is Wanda Fuca?
Ruthe Furie If Looks Could Kill
David Housewright Penance
Allan Pedrazas The Harry Chronicles