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1978 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Israel Gelfand

(for his work in functional analysis, group representation, and for his seminal contributions to many areas of mathematics and its applications.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Carl Ludwig Siegel

(for his contributions to the theory of numbers, theory of several complex variables, and celestial mechanics.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Jean Dausset

(for discovering the HL-A system, the major histocompatibility complex in man and its primordial role in organ transplantation.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Chien-Shiung Wu

(for her explorations of the weak interaction, helping establish the precise form and the non-conservation of parity for this natural force.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

George F. Sprague

(for his outstanding research on the genetic amelioration of maize for human welfare.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

John Charles Walker

(for his research in plant pathology, developing of disease-resistant varieties of major food plants.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

Carl Djerassi

(for his work in bioorganic chemistry, application of new spectroscopic techniques, and his support of international cooperation.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

George Davis Snell

(for discovery of H-2 antigens, which codes for major transplantation antigens and the onset of the immune response.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Jon J. van Rood

(for his contribution to the understanding of the complexity of the HL-A system in man and its implications in transplantation and in disease.)
Wolf Prize in Arts