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2002 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Medicine

Mario Capecchi, Oliver Smithies

(For their contribution to the development of gene-targeting, enabling elucidation of gene function in mice.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Mikio Sato

(For his creation of \u201Calgebraic analysis┬┤, including hyperfunction and microfunction theory,holonomic quantum field theory, and a unified theory of soliton equations.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

John Tate

(For his creation of fundamental concepts in algebraic number theory.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Ralph L. Brinster

(For the development of procedures to manipulate mouse ova and embryos, which has enabled transgenesis and its applications in mice.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

R. Michael Roberts, Fuller W. Bazer

(For discoveries of Interferon-t and other pregnancy-associated proteins, which clarified the biological mystery of signaling between embryo and mother to maintain pregnancy, with profound effects on the efficiency of animal production systems, as well as human health and well-being.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry
Wolf Prize in Arts
Wolf Prize in Physics