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2008 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Pierre Deligne

(For his work on mixed Hodge theory; the Weil conjectures; the Riemann-Hilbert correspondence; and for his contributions to arithmetic.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Phillip Griffiths

(For his work on variations of Hodge structures; the theory of periods of abelian integrals; and for his contributions to complex differential geometry.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

David Mumford

(For his work on algebraic surfaces; on geometric invariant theory; and for laying the foundations of the modern algebraic theory of moduli of curves and theta functions.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

James H. Tumlinson, W. Joe Lewis, John A. Pickett

(For their remarkable discoveries of mechanisms governing plant-insect and plant-plant interactions. Their scientific contributions on chemical ecology have fostered the development of integrated pest management and significantly advanced agricultural sustainability.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Aharon Razin, Howard Cedar

(For their fundamental contributions to our understanding of the role of DNA methylation in the control of gene expression.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

W. E. Moerner, Allen J. Bard

(For the ingenious creation of a new field of science, single molecule spectroscopy and electrochemistry, with impact at the nanoscopic regime, from the molecular and cellular domain to complex material systems.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Gia Kancheli, Claudio Abbado

(Music - for one of the world´s greatest contemporary composers, whose unique music is infused with unforgettable beauty.)
Wolf Prize in Physics