SFRA Pioneer Award

Check all the winners of SFRA Pioneer Award.
Year Winner Winner Work
2009 Neil Easterbrook Giving an Account of Oneself: Ethics, Alterity, Air
2008 Sherryl Vint Speciesism and Species Being in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
2007 Amy J. Ransom Oppositional Postcolonialism in Québécois Science Fiction
2006 Maria DeRose Redefining Women's Power Through Science Fiction
2005 Lisa Yaszek The Women History Doesn't See: Recovering Midcentury Women's SF as a Literature of Social Critique
2004 Andrew M. Butler Thirteen Ways of Looking at the British Boom
2003 Lance Olsen Omniphage
2002 Judith Berman Science Fiction Without the Future
2001 De Witt Douglas Kilgore Changing Regimes: Vonda N. McIntyre's Parodic Astrofuturism
2000 Wendy Pearson Alien Cryptographies: The View from Queer
1999 Carl Freedman Kubrick's 2001 and the Possibility of a Science-Fiction Cinema
1998 I. F. Clarke Future\u2014War Fiction: The First Main Phase, 1871-1900
1997 John Moore Shifting Frontiers: Cyberpunk and the American South
1996 Brian Stableford How Should a Science Fiction Story End?
1995 Roger Luckhurst The Many Deaths of Science Fiction: A Polemic
1994 Larry McCaffery Towards the Theoretical Frontiers of Fiction: From Metafiction and Cyberpunk through Avant-Pop
1992 Istvan Csiscery-Ronay Jr. The SF of Theory: Baudrillard and Haraway
1991 H. Bruce Franklin The Vietnam War as American Science Fiction and Fantasy
1990 Veronica Hollinger The Vampire and the Alien: Variations on the Outsider