Governor General's Award for English-language poetry or drama

Check all the winners of Governor General's Award for English-language poetry or drama.
Year Winner Winner Work
1980 Stephen Scobie McAlmon's Chinese opera
1979 Michael Ondaatje There's a trick with a knife I'm learning to do
1978 Patrick Lane Poems, new & selected
1977 Douglas Gordon Jones Under the thunder the flowers light up the earth
1976 Joe Rosenblatt Top soil
1975 Milton Acorn The Island means Minago
1974 Ralph Gustafson Fire on stone
1973 Miriam Mandel Lions at her Face
1972 Dennis Lee Civil Elegies and Other Poems
1972 John Newlove Lies
1971 John Glassco Selected poems with three notes on the poetic process
1970 Barrie Phillip Nichol The true eventual story of Billy the Kid
1970 Michael Ondaatje The Collected Works of Billy the Kid: Left-Handed Poems
1969 George Bowering Rocky Mountain foot
1969 Gwendolyn MacEwen The shadow-maker
1968 Leonard Cohen SELECTED POEMS 1956 - 1968
1967 Alden Nowlan Bread, wine and salt
1967 Eli Mandel An idiot joy
1966 Margaret Atwood The Circle Game
1965 Al Purdy The cariboo horses
1964 Raymond Souster The colour of the times
1962 James Reaney Twelve letters to a small town
1961 Robert Finch Acis in Oxford
1960 Margaret Avison Winter sun
1959 Irving Layton A red carpet for the sun
1958 James Reaney A suit of nettles
1957 Jay Macpherson The Boatman
1956 Robert Ford A window on the north
1955 Wilfred Watson Friday's child
1954 P. K. Page The metal and the flower
1953 Douglas LePan The net and the sword
1952 E. J. Pratt Towards the Last Spike
1951 Charles Bruce Mulgrave Road
1950 J. Watson Of time and the lover
1949 James Reaney The red heart
1948 A. M. Klein The rocking chair
1947 Dorothy Livesay Poems for people
1946 Robert Finch Poems
1945 Earle Birney Now is time
1944 Dorothy Livesay Day and night
1943 A. J. M. Smith News of the phoenix, and other poems
1942 Earle Birney David
1941 Anne Marriott Calling Adventurers
1940 E. J. Pratt Br├ębeuf and His Brethren
1939 Arthur Bourinot Under the Sun
1938 Kenneth Leslie By Stubborn Stars
1937 E. J. Pratt The Fable of the Goats