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2015 Nobel Science Prizes Announced

Nobel Prize 2015

Nobel Prize 2015

The Late Swedish inventor Alfred Nobel Established the Nobel Prizes for the Benefit to Mankind. It is awarded for Outstanding contributions for humanity in chemistry, literature, peace, physics, physiology or medicine. It is widely regarded as the most prestigious award which represents some of the biggest and most significant scientific breakthroughs of the past year. The prizes are awarded in Stockholm, Sweden, except for the peace prize which is awarded in Oslo, Norway. This week, Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet and the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences announced the winners of this year’s Nobel Prizes for physics, chemistry, and medicine in Sweden.
The Nobel Prize in medicine or physiology 2015 has gone to three pioneers William C. Campbell and Satoshi Omura And Youyou Tu in the field of parasitic disease, for their discoveries concerning a novel therapy that have helped in the fight against malaria and roundworm.
The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015 is awarded to Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar for having mapped, at a molecular level, how cells repair damaged DNA and safeguard the genetic information. Their work has provided fundamental knowledge of how a living cell functions and is, for instance, used for the development of new cancer treatments.
The Nobel Prize in Physics 2015 recognises Takaaki Kajita in Japan and Arthur B. McDonald in Canada, for their key contributions to the experiments which demonstrated that neutrinos change identities. This metamorphosis requires that neutrinos have mass. The discovery has changed our understanding of the innermost workings of matter and can prove crucial to our view of the universe. The discovery have yielded crucial insights into the all but hidden world of neutrinos. After photons, the particles of light, neutrinos are the most numerous in the entire cosmos. The Earth is constantly bombarded by them.

List of 2015 Nobel Science Prizes Winners
Category Winners Research
Chemistry Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar for mechanistic studies of DNA repair
Physiology or Medicine William C. Campbell and Satoshi OmuraYouyou Tu for their discoveries concerning a novel therapy against infections caused by roundworm parasitesfor her discoveries concerning a novel therapy against Malaria
Physics Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald for the discovery of neutrino oscillations, which shows that neutrinos have mass

The winners in each of the three categories will share a monetary prize worth about 8 million Swedish krona, which is about 1.2 million U.S. dollars.
This year’s Nobel Prizes will be awarded on December 10th in a ceremony that will be held in Stockholm, Sweden.
The Nobel awards in literature and peace will be announced in this week. The 2015 Prize in Economic Sciences has not been awarded yet. It will be announced on next Monday at the earliest.

Announcement of Other Nobel Prize 2015 Winners
Category Day, Date and Time
Literature Thursday 8 October, 1:00 p.m. CET
Peace Friday 9 October, 11:00 a.m. CET
The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences Monday 12 October, 1:00 p.m. CET

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