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Franzkafka prize 2014 is given out to Yan Lianke (Chinese writer)

On Thursday, 22 May 2014, at its meeting at the headquarters of the Franz Kafka Society, the international expert jury selected the fourteenth laureate of the literary Franz Kafka Prize, namely the Chinese writer Yan Lianke. This award presented on 23rd June 2014 at Prague, Czech Republic UK.

Yan Lianke (Chinese writer)

Yan Lianke (Chinese writer)

The Kafka Prize is designed to honor writers whose works are regardless of their origin, nationality and culture. The award itself is named after one of the most famous novelists and short story writers of the early 20th century, Prague-based author Franz Kafka.

Today, Kafka stories such as “The Metamorphosis”, “The Judgment”, and “A Hunger Artist” are widely-anthologized and widely-read, and Kafka’s admirers include both non-specialist readers and professional critics. Though Kafka’s dark, ironic vision of society isn’t shared by all the winners of the Franz Kafka Prize, the award honors the spirit of clear communication and literary craftsmanship that motivated much of Kafka’s writing.

Today, the Kafka Prize is worth about $10,000. This is annual award given to every year by Prague’s Franz Kafka Society and recognizes lifetime achievement in literature rather than a single book.

Yan Lianke is a Chinese writer of novels and short stories based in Beijing. His work is highly satirical, which has resulted in some of his most renowned works being banned. He has admitted to self-censorship while writing his stories in order to avoid censorship.

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