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Leah Bobet and Gemma Files won 2016 Sunburst Awards

Sunburst Medallion

Sunburst Medallion

The Sunburst Award Society Announced The Winners Of The 2016 Sunburst Awards For Excellence In Canadian Literature Of The Fantastic in Adult, Young Adult, and Short Story categories.
Winners of the Adult and Young Adult Award receive a cash prize of $1,000. Winners of the Short Story Award receive a cash prize of $500.00. All winners also receive the distinctive Sunburst Medallion, which incorporates the Sunburst logo. The jurors for the 2016 Sunburst award were Timothy Anderson, Sylvie Bérard, Virginia O’Dine, Dale Sproule, and Myna Wallin.

The 2016 Sunburst Award Winners

Category Winners
Adult Experimental Film, Gemma Files (Chizine)
Young Adult An Inheritance of Ashes, Leah Bobet (Scholastic Canada)
Short Story “Hide and Seek”, Catherine A. MacLeod (Playground of Lost Toys)

The Sunburst Award takes its name from Sunburst, the 1964 debut novel of the late Phyllis Gotlieb (1926-2009). Gotleib was at the forefront of Canadian speculative fiction, being one of the first Canadian published authors to be recognized in the genre.

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