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Paul Hopper

Date of Birth 23-October-1939
Place of Birth Croydon
(Greater London, London Borough of Croydon, England, London, Surrey, United Kingdom)
Nationality United States of America
Also know as Paul J. Hopper
Paul J. Hopper is an American linguist of British birth. In 1973, he proposed the glottalic theory regarding the reconstruction of the Proto-Indo-European consonant inventory, in parallel with the Georgian linguist Tamaz Gamkrelidze and the Russian linguist Vyacheslav V. Ivanov. He later also became known for his theory of emergent grammar, for his contributions to the theory of grammaticalisation and other work dealing with the interface between grammar and usage. He currently works as the Paul Mellon Distinguished Professor of Humanities at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA.

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