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TV 2 is a publicly owned television station in Denmark based in Odense. The station began broadcasting on 1 October 1988, thereby ending the television monopoly previously exercised by the Danmarks Radio. TV 2 has six subsidiary stations known as TV 2 Zulu, targeted at the youth; TV 2 Charlie, oriented towards older audiences; TV 2 News, a 24-hour news channel; TV 2 Film, a non-stop movie channel; TV 2 Sport, a dedicated sports channel; and TV 2 Fri, a leisure and hobby channel, as well as the internet-based pay-per-view channel TV 2 Sputnik which started broadcasting in December 2004. TV 2 has about 1,000 employees and a revenue of 1.9 billion DKK. The station has been a full active member of the European Broadcasting Union since 1990. On 23 August 2006 TV 2 acquired at an auction the FM radio license relinquished by Sky Radio when it closed down its Danish operations in November 2005. The auction lasted 20 minutes, and TV 2's winning bid was worth 23,000,000 DKK. From 1 November 2009 all Danish television became digital with DVB-T and MPEG4 standard. TV2 did not encode their main channel, but TV2 Zulu, TV2 Charlie, TV2 Film, TV2 News and TV2 Sport now need payment cards to be decoded.

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Peabody Award
Honored for : Why We Fight


Peabody Award
Honored for : To Live is Better Than to Die