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Vernon Benjamin Mountcastle

Date of Birth 15-July-1918
Place of Birth United States of America
(Americas, DVD Region 1, United States, with Territories, Lacks Family Cemetery )
Nationality United States of America
Also know as Vernon Mountcastle
Profession Scientist
Vernon Benjamin Mountcastle is Professor Emeritus of Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University. He discovered and characterized the columnar organization of the cerebral cortex in the 1950s. This discovery was a turning point in investigations of the cerebral cortex, as nearly all cortical studies of sensory function after Mountcastle's 1957 paper on the somatosensory cortex used columnar organization as their basis.

Awards by Vernon Benjamin Mountcastle

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NAS Award in the Neurosciences
(For his discovery of the columnar organization of the mammalian cerebral cortex and for original studies relating behavior to function of single cells in higher cortical areas.)


National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences
(For his fundamental research on how the brain functions in processing and perceiving the information gathered through the somatic sensory system.)


Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research
(For his original discoveries which illuminate the brain's ability to perceive and organize information, and to translate sensory impulses into behavior.)