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Visible World is a New York media company. Founded in 2000, it was the first provider of nation-wide addressable TV advertising technology. As of 2011, the company deployed technology that let advertisers identify and reach more than 56 million US homes with regional, zoned addressable technology. In the New York Metropolitan region, Visible World provided access to more than 3 million homes with household level addressability. Household targeting means that even though two neighbors are watching the same TV channel at the same time, they might watch two different ads from the same company but with the information that’s relevant to them. As digital technology and mobile and wireless devices emerge and proliferate, Visible World has helped TV keep pace as the most relevant medium. Visible World has developed a suite of services that enables advertisers, advertising agencies and media companies to deliver addressable, interactive, and measurable ads. The company’s addressable distribution platform enables the delivery of targeted advertising to increase consumer relevance and engagement. Visible World’s products include Connect. This delivers household addressability as an advanced television advertising solution that enables marketers to segment their television audiences and target relevant ads to specific households. This advanced advertising capability combines the targeting and precision of direct or digital marketing with the broad reach and engaging power of television.

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