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Klumpke-Roberts Award

Astronomical Society of the Pacific Awards

The Klumpke-Roberts Award was established from a bequest by astronomer Dorothea Klumpke-Roberts to honor her husband Isaac Roberts and her parents. It recognizes outstanding contributions to the public understanding and appreciation of astronomy. It is open to "individuals involved in science, education, writing/publishing, broadcasting, astronomy popularization, the arts, or other pursuits" from all nations and is the most prestigious award of its kind. It is one of seven international and national awards for service to astronomy and astronomy education given by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Klumpke-Roberts Award winners are: 2012 Ian Ridpath 2011 Paul Davies 2010 Marcia Bartusiak 2009 Isabel Hawkins 2008 Dava Sobel 2007 Noreen Grice 2006 Jeffrey Rosendhal 2005 Jeff Goldstein 2004 Seth Shostak 2003 Hubble Heritage Project, Space Telescope Science Institute 2002 Don Davis and Jon Lomberg 2001 Sandi Preston 2000 Jack Horkheimer 1999 Stephen P. Maran 1998 Julieta Fierro 1997 Franklyn M. Branley 1996 Terence Dickinson 1995 Heidi Hammel 1994 Andrew Fraknoi 1993 David Morrison 1992 Philip Morrison 1991 Richard Berry 1990 Donald Goldsmith 1989 Ed Krupp 1988 Joseph Chamberlain

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