Awards & Winners

Raven Award

Edgar Award

The Raven Award, established in 1953, is given by the Mystery Writers of America to recognize outstanding achievement in the mystery field outside the realm of creative writing.
Date Established : 1953

Check all the winners of Raven Award presented under Edgar Award since 1953 .

Zev Buffman

(International Mystery Writers Festival)

Kathy Harig, Tom Harig

(Mystery Loves Company Bookstore owner)

Mitchell Kaplan

(Books & Books owner)

Bonnie Claeson, Joe Guglielmelli

(Black Orchid Bookshop co-owner)

Joan Hansen

(Men of Mystery Conference creator)

Steven Thomas Oney

(Cape Cod Radio Mystery Theatre)

Diane K. Kovacs, Kara Robinson

(DorothyL listserv co-founder)

Martha Farrington

(Murder by the Book)

Bowling Green State University

(The Ray & Pat Browne Library for Popular Culture Studies)

Edward Graydon Carter

(Vanity Fair Magazine)

Otto Penzler

(Mysterious Bookshop)

Ed Thomas, Pat Thomas

(Book Carnival)

Edgar Allan Poe Museum

(Poe Museum, Richmond, Virginia)

Charles Champlin

(LA Times Book Critic)

Anthony Mason

(Sunday Morning's FINE PRINT)

Douglas Smith

(Sunday Morning's FINE PRINT)

Barbara G. Peters

(The Poisoned Pen)

Tom Schantz

(The Rue Morgue)

Enid Schantz

(The Rue Morgue)

Harold Augenbraum

(Comment: Director)

Paul LeClerc

(New York Public Library)

Bill Clinton

(Comment: Reader of the Year)

Carol Brener

(for her skill in selling books to the public)

Sarah Booth Conroy

(Reader of the Year)

Marilyn Abrams, Bruce Jordan

Honored for : Shear Madness
(for longest running off-Broadway play)

Sylvia Field Porter

(Reader of the Year)

Isaac Bashevis Singer

(Reader of the Year)

The Muppet Show

(for the Episode Muppet Murders)

Alberto Tedeschi

(Publisher of the most succesful Italian series of mysteries)

Edward Gorey

Honored for : Dracula
(for the sets he designed for Dracula on Broadway)

Richard N. Hughes

Honored for : The Lifers' Group, I Am My Brother's Keeper
(for being the best showcase for mystery stories)

Danny Arnold

Honored for : Barney Miller
(executive producer of the TV series)

Eddie Lawrence

(Comment: Reader of the Year)

Leo Margolies

(Comment: editor)

American Broadcasting Company

Honored for : The Wide World of Mystery

CBS Radio

Honored for : CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Judith Crist

(Reader of the Year)

Joey Adams

(Reader of the Year)

Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine

(On its 26th anniversary, Best Showcase for Mystery Stories)

Richard Watts, Jr.

(Reader of the Year)
(a TV show in its first year)

Ilka Chase

(Reader of the Year)

Ray Brennan

(for crime reporting)

David C. Cook

(for Best Detective Stories of the Year)

Alfred Hitchcock

(for his contribution to the mystery genre)

Gail Patrick

(producer of Perry Mason TV series)

Phyllis McGinley

(Mystery Fan of the Year)

Lawrence Blochman

(Comment: for long and distinguished service to MWA and The Third Degree)

Frederic G. Melcher

(Comment: on his retirement after 35 years with Publishers Weekly)

Franklin D. Roosevelt

(Comment: (posthumous) Reader of the Year, accepted by Eleanor Roosevelt)

Dorothy Kilgallen

(Reader of the Year)

Dr. Thomas Gonzales

(retiring medical examiner, New York City)

Tom Lehrer

(for his mystery parodies)

Dr. Harrison Martland

(retiring medical examiner, Essex County, New Jersey)

E.T. Guymon Jr

(for his outstanding library of mystery literature)