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Robert L. Fish Memorial Award

Edgar Award

This is a list of winners and nominees for the Robert L. Fish Memorial Award, given at the The Edgar Allan Poe Awards.
Date Established : 1984

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Jeff Soloway

Honored for : The Wentworth Letter
(Criminal Element's The Malfeasance Occasional: Girl Trouble)

Patricia Smith

Honored for : When They Are Done With Us
(Staten Island Noir)

David Ingram

Honored for : A Good Man of Business
(Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine)

Evan Lewis

Honored for : Skyler Hobbs and the Rabbit Man

Dan Warthman

Honored for : A Dreadful Day

Joseph Guglielmelli

Honored for : Buckner's Error

Mark Ammons

Honored for : The Catch

William Dylan Powell

Honored for : Evening Gold

Eddie Newton

Honored for : Home

Thomas Morrissey

Honored for : Can't Catch Me

Sandy Balzo

Honored for : The Grass Is Always Greener

Mike Doogan

Honored for : War Can Be Murder

Ted Hertel

Honored for : My Bonnie Lies

M.J. Jones

Honored for : The Witch and the Relic Thief

Mike Reiss

Honored for : Cro-magnon, P.I.

Bryn Bonner

Honored for : Clarity

Rosaland Roland

Honored for : If Thine Eye Offend Thee

David Vaughn

Honored for : Prosecutor of DuPrey

James Sarafin

Honored for : The Word for Breaking August Sky

Batya Swift Yasgur

Honored for : Me and Mr. Harry
(Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine)

D. A. McGuire

Honored for : Wicked Twist
(Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine Volume: October '93)

Steven Saylor

Honored for : A Will Is A Way

Jerry F. Skarky

Honored for : Willie's Story

Connie Colt

Honored for : Hawks

Linda O. Johnston

Honored for : Different Drummers

Eric M Heideman

Honored for : Roger, Mr. Whilkie!

Mary Kittredge

Honored for : Father to the Man
(Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine, Volume: November '86)

Doug Allyn

Honored for : Final Rites

Bill Crenshaw

Honored for : Poor Dumb Mouths

Lilly Carlson

Honored for : Locked Doors