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Genie Award for Best Achievement in Visual Effects

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Check all the winners of Genie Award for Best Achievement in Visual Effects presented under Genie Awards since 2012 .

Nominations 2012 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Eve Brunet Snow and Ashes
Jacques Levesque Snow and Ashes
Philippe Roberge Snow and Ashes
Wojciech Zielinski A Dangerous Method
Wilson Cameron A Dangerous Method
Jim Price A Dangerous Method
Mike Borrett A Dangerous Method
Oliver Hearsey A Dangerous Method
Mathew Borrett A Dangerous Method
Jason Edwardh A Dangerous Method
Dennis Berardi A Dangerous Method
Milan Schere A Dangerous Method
Ovidiu Cinazan A Dangerous Method
Tony Cybulski Edwin Boyd
Robert Crowther Edwin Boyd
Ian Britton Edwin Boyd
Thomas Turnbull Edwin Boyd
Nathalie Tremblay Café de flore
Martin Pensa Café de flore
Sylvain Theroux Café de flore
Cynthia Mourou Café de flore
Eric Normandin Café de flore
Luc Sanfacon Café de flore
Vincent Dudouet Café de flore
Stephanie Broussaud Café de flore
Marc Cote Café de flore
Gary Chuntz Café de flore
Geoffroy Lauzon BumRush