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Golden Reel Award

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The Golden Reel Award is a Canadian film award, presented to the Canadian film with the biggest box office gross of the year. The Canadian Motion Picture Distributors Association introduced this award in 1976 as part of the Canadian Film Awards until 1979. Since 1980, the Golden Reel has been part of the Genie Awards ceremonies. As the economics of Canadian film production mean that the year's top-grossing Canadian film is often a francophone film from Quebec, the award often — although not always — goes to the same film as the Billet d'or, which is presented by the Jutra Awards to the top-grossing film from Quebec.

Check all the winners of Golden Reel Award presented under Genie Awards since 1980 .

Andre Rouleau

Honored for : Starbuck
(Distributor: Les Films Christal in partnership with Entertainment One)

Jeremy Bolt, Robert Kulzer, Don Carmody

Honored for : Resident Evil: Afterlife

Daniel Louis, Denise Robert

Honored for : Father and Guns
(Distributor: Alliance Vivafilm)

Pierre Gendron, Christian Larouche

Honored for : Les 3 p'tits cochons

Kevin Tierney, Patrick Roy, Guy Gagnon

Honored for : Bon Cop, Bad Cop

Jean-Marc Vallée, Pierre Even

Honored for : C.R.A.Z.Y.

Don Carmody, Jeremy Bolt, Paul W. S. Anderson

Honored for : Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Charles Binamé, Lorraine Richard, Louis Laverdière, Luc Martineau

Honored for : Séraphin: un homme et son péché

Christian Larouche, Richard Goudreau

Honored for : Les Boys III

Daniel Louis, Denise Robert

Honored for : Wedding Night

Nicolas Clermont

Honored for : The Art of War

Richard Goudreau

Honored for : Les Boys II

Richard Goudreau

Honored for : Les Boys

Robert Vince, Michael Strange

Honored for : Air Bud

Jeremy Thomas, Robert Lantos, David Cronenberg

Honored for : Crash
(17th Annual Genie Awards)

Don Carmody

Honored for : Johnny Mnemonic
(16th Annual Genie Awards)

Jacques Dorfmann, Richard Sadler

Honored for : King of the Airways

Pierre Sarrazin, Claude Bonin

Honored for : La Florida

Stéphane Reichel, Robert Lantos, Sue Milliken

Honored for : Black Robe

Roger Frappier

Honored for : Ding et Dong, le Film

Pierre Gendron, Roger Frappier

Honored for : Jesus of Montreal

Rock Demers

Honored for : La Grenouille et La Baleine

Andras Hamori, John Kemeny

Honored for : The Gate

Rene Malo, Roger Frappier

Honored for : Le Déclin de l'empire américain

Patrick Loubert, Michael Hirsh, Clive A. Smith

Honored for : The Care Bears Movie

Rock Demers, Nicole Robert

Honored for : The Dog Who Stopped the War

Jack Grossberg, Louis M. Silverstein

Honored for : Strange Brew

Harold Greenberg, Melvin Simon

Honored for : Porky's

Ivan Reitman

Honored for : Heavy Metal

Garth Drabinsky, Joel B. Michaels

Honored for : The Changeling

Daniel Goldberg, Ivan Reitman

Honored for : Meatballs