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Harold Brown Award

Harold Brown Award

The Harold Brown Award is the highest award given by the United States Air Force to a scientist or engineer who applies scientific research to solve a problem critical to the needs of the Air Force.

Check all the winners of Harold Brown Award presented under Harold Brown Award since 1969 .

Candace Lynch

(For her breakthrough research in pioneering new infrared technology that will augment aircraft defense and impact numerous Defense Department systems .)

Derek Kingston

(For his work toward improving algorithms for path planning, sensor steering, and the application of cooperative control for efficient, robust UAV routing.)

John A. Caldwell

(Recognized for his research on the effects of fatigue and how Air Force pilots can counter it.)

H. John Mucks

(In recognition of his development and application of the Web-based Time Line Analysis System.)

Joseph C. Foster, Jr.

(Awarded for research in advanced conventional warheads while at the Air Force Armament Laboratory, Eglin AFB FL.)

Herbert J. Hickey, Jr

(Won the Harold Brown Award for engineering F-15 handling qualities.)

John Boyd

(acknowledging the role of E-M theory in the design of both the F-15 and the F-16.)