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International Prize for Biology

International Prize for Biology

The International Prize for Biology is an annual award for significant contributions to biology. The award was created in 1985 to recognize Emperor Hirohito of Japan's longtime interest in and support of the biological sciences. The selection and award of the prize is managed by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. The recipient scientist is awarded 10 million Yen and an international symposium on the scientist's area of research is held.
Date Established : 1985-04

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Joe Felsenstein

(Biology of Evolution)

Joseph Altman


Eric H. Davidson

(Developmental Biology)

Nancy A. Moran

(Biology of Symbiosis)

G. David Tilman


David Hogness


Serge Daan


Nam-Hai Chua

(Structural Biology in Fine Structure, Morphology and Morphogenesis)

Thomas Cavalier-Smith

(Systematic Biology and Taxonomy)

Shinya Inoué

(Cell Biology)

Masatoshi Nei

(Biology of Evolution)

Harry B. Whittington


Seymour Benzer

(Developmental Biology)

Setsuro Ebashi

(Animal Physiology)

Otto Thomas Solbrig

(The Biology of Biodiversity)

Ryuzo Yanagimachi

(Biology of Reproduction)

Ian Read Gibbons

(Cell Biology)

Ernst Mayr

(Systematic Biology and Taxonomy)

E. O. Wilson


Knut Schmidt-Nielsen

(Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry)

Marshall Hatch

(Functional botany)

Masakazu Konishi

(Behavioral Biology)

Eric James Denton

(Marine Biology)

Motoo Kimura

(Population Biology)

John Gurdon

(Developmental Biology)

Peter H. Raven

(Systematic Biology and Taxonomy)

E. J. H. Corner

(Taxonomy or Systematic Biology)