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Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize

Since 1976 the Susan B. Anthony Institute for Women's Studies and the Department of English at the University of Rochester have awarded the Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize for fiction by an American woman. The idea for the prize came out of the personal grief of the friends and family of a fine young editor who was killed in an automobile accident just as her career was beginning to achieve its promise of excellence. She was 30 years old, and those who knew her believed she would do much to further the causes of literature and women. Her family, her friends, and her professional associates in the publishing industry created the endowment from which the prize is bestowed, in memory of Janet Heidinger Kafka and the literary standards and personal ideals for which she stood. Each winner is awarded $7,500. How to enter: visit the Susan B. Anthony Institute webpage for guidelines and entry form: The prize is not associated with the similarly named Franz Kafka Prize.

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Janet Heidinger Kafka Prize


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Isla Morley
Honored for : Come Sunday