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Latin Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album

Latin Grammy Award

The Latin Grammy Award for Best Alternative Music Album is an honor presented annually by the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences at the Latin Grammy Awards, a ceremony that recognizes excellence and promotes a wider awareness of cultural diversity and contributions of Latin recording artists in the United States and internationally. According to the category description guide for the 2012 Latin Grammy Awards, the award is for vocal or instrumental alternative albums containing at least 51 percent of newly recorded material. It is awarded to solo artists, duos or groups. Mexican artists have received this award more than any other nationality though it has also been presented to artists originating from Colombia, the United States, and Venezuela. The award was first earned by the Mexican group Café Tacuba for the album Cuatro Caminos at the 5th Latin Grammy Awards ceremony held in 2004. Mexican performer Julieta Venegas is the only artist to have won this category more than once. The Argentine band Babasónicos, with four nominations, hold the record for most nominations without a win.
Date Established : 2004

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Natalia Lafourcade, Sony Music México

Honored for : Mujer divina: Homenaje a Agustín Lara

Nominations 2013 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Bomba Estéreo [null]
Polen Records [null]
Café Tacuba El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco
Universal Music Latino El Objeto Antes Llamado Disco
Illya Kuryaki and the Valderramas Chances
Sony Music Entertainment Argentina S.A. Chances
Natalia Lafourcade Mujer divina: Homenaje a Agustín Lara
Sony Music México Mujer divina: Homenaje a Agustín Lara
León Larregui [null]
EMI Music México [null]

Carla Morrison

Honored for : Déjenme Llorar

Nominations 2012 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Carla Morrison Déjenme Llorar
Lisandro Aristimuño Mundo Anfibio
Choc Quib Town Eso Es Lo Que Hay
Ulises Hadjis Cosas Perdidas
Kinky Sueño de la Máquina

Zoé, Eduardo del Aguila, Juan Pablo Falluca, Gustavo Borner, Phil Vinall

Honored for : MTV Unplugged/Música de Fondo

Nominations 2011 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Zoé MTV Unplugged/Música de Fondo
Eduardo del Aguila MTV Unplugged/Música de Fondo
Juan Pablo Falluca MTV Unplugged/Música de Fondo
Gustavo Borner MTV Unplugged/Música de Fondo
Phil Vinall MTV Unplugged/Música de Fondo
Doctor Krapula Corazon Bombea Vivo
Fidel Nadal Forever Together
Carla Morrison Mientras tú dormías...
Mr. Pauer Soundtrack

Nominations 2010 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Ely Guerra Hombre Invisible
John Gibbe Hombre Invisible
Joe Chiccarelli Hombre Invisible
Camilo Froideval Hombre Invisible
Herman Hecht Hombre Invisible
Daniel Melero Magical Radiophonic Heart
Diego Rodriguez Magical Radiophonic Heart
Tuta Torres Magical Radiophonic Heart
Peter Mew Magical Radiophonic Heart
Mario Caldato Jr. Magical Radiophonic Heart
Banda de turistas Magical Radiophonic Heart
Bengala Oro
El Cuarteto de Nos Bipolar
Perrozompopo CPC (Canciones Populares Contestatarias)

Nominations 2009 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Los Amigos Invisibles Commercial
Jose Luis Pardo Commercial
Marcelo Añez Commercial
Babasónicos Mucho
Kinky Barracuda
Novalima Coba Coba
Zoé Reptilectric

Julieta Venegas, Gustavo Borner, Jacques Morelenbaum

Honored for : MTV Unplugged

Nominations 2008 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Julieta Venegas MTV Unplugged
Gustavo Borner MTV Unplugged
Jacques Morelenbaum MTV Unplugged
Babasónicos Mucho
Café Tacuba Sino
Circo Cursi
Manu Chao La Radiolina

Nominations 2007 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Aterciopelados Oye
Felipe López Oye
Thom Russo Oye
Héctor Buitrago Oye
Kevin Johansen LOGO
Kinky Reina
Gabriel Vicentico Los pájaros
Zoé Memo Rex Commander y el Corazón Atómico de la Vía Láctea

Nominations 2006 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Julieta Venegas Limón y sal
Cesar Sogbe Limón y sal
Coti Sorokin Limón y sal
Matías Sorokin Limón y sal
Sebastián Schon Limón y sal
Demian Nava Limón y sal
Juan Blas Caballero Limón y sal
Cachorro López Limón y sal
Babasónicos Anoche
Café Tacuba Un Viaje
Nortec Collective Tijuana Sessions, Volume 3
Pastora La Vida Moderna

Nominations 2005 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Ozomatli Street Signs
Anton Pukshansky Street Signs
Robert Carranza Street Signs
Serban Ghenea Street Signs
Todd Ray Street Signs
Circo En El Cielo De Tu Boca
Ely Guerra Sweet & Sour, Hot y Spicy
Los Amigos Invisibles The Venezuelan Zinga Son, Vol. 1
Los Rabanes Ecolecua

Nominations 2004 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Café Tacuba Cuatro Caminos
Anibal Kerpel Cuatro Caminos
Joe Chiccarelli Cuatro Caminos
Gustavo Santaolalla Cuatro Caminos
Babasónicos Infame
Kinky Atlas
Ozomatli Coming Up
Plastilina Mosh Hola Chicuelos