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National Film Award for Best Actor

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The National Film Award for Best Actor, officially known as the Rajat Kamal Award for the Best Actor, is an honour presented annually at the National Film Awards of India since 1968 to actors who have delivered the best performance in a leading role within the Indian film industry. Called the "State Awards for Films" when established in 1954, the National Film Awards ceremony is older than the Directorate of Film Festivals. The State Awards instituted the individual award in 1968 as the "Bharat Award for the Best Actor"; in 1975, it was renamed as the "Rajat Kamal Award for the Best Actor". Throughout the past 45 years, accounting for ties and repeat winners, the Government of India has presented a total of 52 "Best Actor" awards to 40 different actors. Until 1974, winners of the National Film Award received a figurine and certificate; since 1975, they have been awarded with a "Rajat Kamal", certificate and a cash prize. Although the Indian film industry produces films in around 20 languages and dialects, the actors whose performances have won awards have worked in seven major languages: Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada and English.
Date Established : 1968

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Raj Kumar Yadav

Honored for : Shahid

Suraj Venjaramoodu

Honored for : Names Unknown

Irrfan Khan

Honored for : Paan Singh Tomar
(Role: Paan Singh Tomar)

Vikram Gokhale

Honored for : Anumati
(Role: Ratnakar)

Girish Kulkarni

Honored for : The Temple
(Role: Keshya)


Honored for : Aadukalam
(Role: Karuppu)

Salim Kumar

Honored for : Abu, Son of Adam
(Role: Abu)

Amitabh Bachchan

Honored for : Paa
(Role: Auro)

Upendra Limaye

Honored for : Jogwa
(Role: Tayappa)

Prakash Raj

Honored for : Kanchivaram

Soumitra Chatterjee

Honored for : Footsteps

Amitabh Bachchan

Honored for : Black

Saif Ali Khan

Honored for : Hum Tum


Honored for : Pithamagan

Ajay Devgan

Honored for : The Legend of Bhagat Singh


Honored for : Neythukaran

Anil Kapoor

Honored for : Pukar

Ajay Devgan

Honored for : Zakhm

Suresh Gopi

Honored for : Kaliyattam

Balachandra Menon

Honored for : Samaantharangal

Kamal Haasan

Honored for : Indian

Rajit Kapur

Honored for : The Making of the Mahatma
(Role: Mahatma Gandhi)

Nana Patekar

Honored for : Krantiveer
(Role: Pratap Narayan Tilak)

Amitabh Bachchan

Honored for : Agneepath

Kamal Haasan

Honored for : Nayagan


Honored for : Piravi

Kamal Haasan

Honored for : Nayagan

Kamal Haasan

Honored for : Moondram Pirai

Bharath Gopi

Honored for : Kodiyettam

Mithun Chakraborty

Honored for : Mrigayaa

M. V. Vasudeva Rao

Honored for : Chomana Dudi

Sanjeev Kumar

Honored for : Koshish

Sanjeev Kumar

Honored for : Dastak

Utpal Dutt

Honored for : Bhuvan Shome

Ashok Kumar

Honored for : Aashirwad
(Role: Jogi Thakur)

Uttam Kumar

Honored for : Chiriyakhana, Antony Firingee
(Roles: \u2022 Antony Firingee \u2022 Chiriyakhana)