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National Film Award for Best Non-Feature Film

National Film Awards

The National Film Award for Best Non-Feature Film is one of the National Film Awards presented annually by the Directorate of Film Festivals, the organization set up by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, India. It is one of several awards presented for non-feature films and awarded with Swarna Kamal. The award was instituted in 1953, at 1st National Film Awards and awarded annually for short films produced in the year across the country, in all Indian languages.
Date Established : 1953

Check all the winners of National Film Award for Best Non-Feature Film presented under National Film Awards since 1953 .

Kamal Swaroop, Films Division of India

Honored for : Rangbhoomi

Raja Shabir Khan

Honored for : Shepherds of Paradise

Pramod Purswane

Honored for : And We Play On

K. Hariharan, B. Manohar

Honored for : The Postman

Sourav Sarangi

Honored for : Bilal

Bachaspa Timayun Sunz, Haobam Paban Kumar

Honored for : AFSPA 1958

Supriyo Sen

Honored for : Hope Dies Last in war

Amitabh Chakraborty

Honored for : Bishar Blues

Gaurav Jani, Dirt Track Productions

Honored for : Riding Solo to the Top of the World

Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni, Film and Television Institute of India

Honored for : Girni
(Tripurari Sharan)

Anand Patwardhan

Honored for : War and Peace

Arvind Sinha

Honored for : Kaya Poochhe Maya Se

Khayal Trust, Arun Khopkar

Honored for : Narayan Gangaram Surve

Shaji N. Karun, Manu Grover

Honored for : Shams Vision

Y.N. Engineer, Rajat Kapoor

Honored for : Tarana

Girish Karnad

Honored for : Kanaka Purandara

Tapan Bose, Salim Shaikh, Suhasini Mulay

Honored for : Bhopal: Beyond Genocide

Arvind Kumar Sinha, M. Prabhat

Honored for : Deshratna Rajendra Prasad

Shanti S. Verma

Honored for : Winged Wonderland

B. D. Garga

Honored for : Amrita Sher-Gil

Films Division of India, N.S. Thapa

Honored for : Everest

S. Sukhdev

Honored for : India \u201967

Glimpses of West Bengal

Kantilal Rathod

Honored for : Cloven Horizon
(Certificate of Merit)

Gopal Datt, Films Division of India

Honored for : Across India
(Certificate of Merit)

S. N. S. Sastry, Jagat Murari

Honored for : One Day
(All India Certificate of Merit)

J. B. H. Wadia

Honored for : All Under Heaven By Force
(All India Certificate of Merit)

S. Sukhdev

Honored for : And Miles To Go
(All India Certificate of Merit)

Films Division of India, N.S. Thapa

Honored for : Song of the Snow

Films Division of India, Shanti Verma

Honored for : Four Centuries Ago

Films Division of India, Satyajit Ray

Honored for : Rabindranath Tagore

N.S. Thapa, Films Division of India

Honored for : Kangra Et Kulu

Films Division of India, Mohan Wadhwani

Honored for : Kathakali

Films Division of India, N. K. Issar

Honored for : Mayurakshi Dam

Films Division of India, J.S. Bhownagary

Honored for : Radha and Krishna

Burmah-Shell, Mohan Dayaram Bhavnani

Honored for : A Himalayan Tapestry

Films Division of India, Rajbans Khanna

Honored for : Gotoma the Buddha

Films Division of India, Mushir Ahmed

Honored for : Magic of Mountains

Films Division of India, V. R. Sarma

Honored for : Spirit of the Loom

Films Division of India, Jagat Murari

Honored for : Mahabalipuram