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New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor

New York Film Critics Circle

The New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor is one of the awards given by the New York Film Critics Circle to honor the finest achievements in filmmaking. In the last two decades, the Circle agreed with the Oscars on 7 occasions: 1995 Nicolas Cage for Leaving Las Vegas, 1996 Geoffrey Rush for Shine, 2006 Forest Whitaker for The Last King of Scotland, 2007 Daniel Day-Lewis for There Will Be Blood, 2008 Sean Penn for Milk, 2010 Colin Firth for The King's Speech, and 2012 Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln .

Check all the winners of New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Actor presented under New York Film Critics Circle since 1940 .

Daniel Day-Lewis

Honored for : Lincoln

Brad Pitt

Honored for : The Tree of Life, Moneyball

Colin Firth

Honored for : The King's Speech

George Clooney

Honored for : Up in the Air, Fantastic Mr. Fox

Sean Penn

Honored for : Milk

Daniel Day-Lewis

Honored for : There Will Be Blood

Nominations 2007 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Daniel Day-Lewis There Will Be Blood

Forest Whitaker

Honored for : The Last King of Scotland

Heath Ledger

Honored for : Brokeback Mountain

Paul Giamatti

Honored for : Sideways

Bill Murray

Honored for : Lost in Translation

Nominations 2003 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Bill Murray Lost in Translation

Daniel Day-Lewis

Honored for : Gangs of New York

Tom Wilkinson

Honored for : In the Bedroom

Tom Hanks

Honored for : Cast Away

Nominations 2000 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Tom Hanks Cast Away

Richard Farnsworth

Honored for : The Straight Story

Nick Nolte

Honored for : Affliction

Peter Fonda

Honored for : Ulee's Gold

Geoffrey Rush

Honored for : Shine

Nicolas Cage

Honored for : Leaving Las Vegas

Paul Newman

Honored for : Nobody's Fool

David Thewlis

Honored for : Naked

Denzel Washington

Honored for : Malcolm X

Anthony Hopkins

Honored for : The Silence of the Lambs

Robert De Niro

Honored for : Awakenings, Goodfellas

Daniel Day-Lewis

Honored for : My Left Foot

Jeremy Irons

Honored for : Dead Ringers

Jack Nicholson

Honored for : Broadcast News, The Witches of Eastwick, Ironweed

Bob Hoskins

Honored for : Mona Lisa

Jack Nicholson

Honored for : Prizzi's Honor

Steve Martin

Honored for : All of Me

Robert Duvall

Honored for : Tender Mercies

Ben Kingsley

Honored for : Gandhi

Burt Lancaster

Honored for : Atlantic City

Robert De Niro

Honored for : Raging Bull

Dustin Hoffman

Honored for : Kramer vs. Kramer

Jon Voight

Honored for : Coming Home

John Gielgud

Honored for : Providence

Robert De Niro

Honored for : Taxi Driver

Jack Nicholson

Honored for : One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Jack Nicholson

Honored for : Chinatown, The Last Detail

Marlon Brando

Honored for : Last Tango in Paris

Laurence Olivier

Honored for : Sleuth

Gene Hackman

Honored for : The French Connection

George C. Scott

Honored for : Patton

Charlie Chaplin

Honored for : The Great Dictator