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Rolf Schock Prizes

The Rolf Schock Prizes were established and endowed by bequest of philosopher and artist Rolf Schock. The prizes were first awarded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1993, and since 2005 are awarded every three years. Each recipient currently receives SEK 400,000. A similar prize is the Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy, established by the Inamori Foundation. The Prizes are awarded in four categories and decided by committees of three of the Swedish Royal Academies: Logic and Philosophy Mathematics Visual Arts Musical Arts

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Rolf Schock Prizes


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Hilary Putnam
(\u201CFor his contribution to the understanding of semantics for theoretical and \u2018natural kind\u2019 terms, and of the implications of this semantics for philosophy, theory of knowledge, philosophy of science and metaphysics.)
Michael Aschbacher
(\u201CFor his fundamental contributions to one of the largest mathematical projects ever, the classification of finite simple groups, notably his contribution to the quasi-thin case.)
Marlene Dumas
(For her unique ability to depict human vulnerability and greatness, in painted works that do not shrink from showing adversity. With empathy and critical discernment, she brings issues of race, ethnocentrism, gender and sexuality to the fore.)
Andrew Manze
(\u201CFor his virtuoso and insightful interpretations as a violinist and ensemble leader; his unique, rousing style as a conductor; and his inspired ability to communicate with the audienc.)