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St. Louis Literary Award

Every year the Saint Louis University Library Associates present the St. Louis Literary Award to a distinguished figure in literature. Past Recipients of the Award: 2012 Tony Kushner 2011 Mario Vargas Llosa 2010 Don DeLillo 2009 Sir Salman Rushdie 2008 E. L. Doctorow 2007 William H. Gass 2006 Michael Frayn 2005 Richard Ford 2004 Garry Wills 2003 Margaret Drabble 2002 Joan Didion 2001 Simon Schama 2000 N. Scott Momaday 1999 Chinua Achebe 1995 Edward Albee 1993 David McCullough 1987 John Updike 1984 No Recipient 1980 Arthur Miller 1976 R. Buckminster Fuller 1974 Tennessee Williams 1971 Barbara Tuchman 1970 W. H. Auden 1969 George Plimpton 1968 Jacques Barzun 1967 Henry Steele Commager

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St. Louis Literary Award


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