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1982 Wolf Prize

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Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Hassler Whitney

(for his fundamental work in algebraic topology, differential geometry and differential topology.)
Wolf Prize in Mathematics

Mark Grigoryevich Krein

(for his fundamental contributions to functional analysis and its applications.)
Wolf Prize in Agriculture

Wendell L. Roelofs

(for his fundamental chemical and biological research on pheromones and their practical use in insect control.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

John Polanyi

(for his studies of chemical reactions in unprecedented detail by developing the infrared chemiluminiscence technique, and for envisaging the chemical laser.)
Wolf Prize in Chemistry

George C. Pimentel

(for development of matrix isolation spectroscopy and for the discovery of photodissociation lasers and chemical lasers.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Jean-Pierre Changeux

(for the isolation, purification and characterization of the acetylcholine receptor.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

Solomon H. Snyder

(for the development of the ways to label neurotransmitter receptors which provide tools to describe their properties.)
Wolf Prize in Medicine

James Black

(for developing agents which block beta adrenergic and histamine receptors.)
Wolf Prize in Physics

Leon M. Lederman, Martin Lewis Perl

(For their experimental discovery of unexpected new particles establishing a third generation of quarks and leptons.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Olivier Messiaen

(music - for his inspired and inspiring extension of our sound world.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Vladimir Horowitz

(music - for his outstanding contribution to the art of musical interpretation, and especially his musicalization of pianism.)
Wolf Prize in Arts

Josef Tal

(music - for his novel approach to musical structure and texture and the unfailing dramatic tension of his creations.)