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Piraya Film

Piraya Film is an independent production company based in Stavanger, Norway. The company was founded in 1999 by filmmakers Torstein Grude and Trond Kvist with the aim of making creative high end documentaries for release in the market worldwide. The company has since made 20 productions which have received broad recognition and many nominations and awards. e.g. 2009 Emmy nomination, Joris Ivens finalist, Winner Jerusalem Film Festival, Winner Golden Chair Norwegian Film Festival, Winner Chicago Intl Film Festival. In 2014 they were nominated for an Oscar as co-producers on The Act of Killing. Among the latest works are documentaries on Human Rights Issues in North Korea, Georgia, Belarus and China, e.g. Yodok Stories, Russian Lessons, On a tightrope and Belarusian Waltz. Piraya Film is also regularly involved in international co-productions.

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