Spur Award for Best Juvenile Nonfiction

Check all the winners of Spur Award for Best Juvenile Nonfiction.
Year Winner Winner Work
2009 Frank Keating The Trial of Standing Bear
2008 Nancy Plain Sagebrush and Paintbrush: The Story of Charlie Russell, The Cowboy Artist
2007 Jeff C. Young Bleeding Kansas and the violent clash over slavery in the heartland
2006 Anthony Aveni The First Americans
2005 Ednah New Rider Weber Rattlesnake Mesa...Stories From A Native American Childhood
2004 Ginger Wadsworth Words west
2003 Mark G. Mitchell Raising La Belle
2002 Russell Freedman In the days of the vaqueros
2001 Violet T. Kimball Stories of Young Pioneers in Their Own Words
2000 Richard Maurer The wild Colorado
1999 Donald Emmet Worcester Cowboy with a camera
1998 Jennifer Dewey Rattlesnake dance
1996 Russell Freedman The life and death of Crazy Horse
1995 Diane Yancey Camels for Uncle Sam
1993 Jane Candia Coleman Lou
1992 Jerry Stanley Children of the Dust Bowl
1990 Gary Paulsen Woodsong
1975 Lynn Haney Ride 'em cowgirl!
1973 Franklin Folsom Red power on the Rio Grande
1972 Stan Steiner The Tiguas: the lost tribe of city Indians
1971 Jules Loh Lords of the Earth
1970 Marian T. Place Retreat to the Bear Paw
1970 John Upton Terrell Search for the Seven Cities
1969 Olga Hall-Quest Con quistadores and Pueblos
1968 Marian T. Place Rifles and war bonnets
1967 Ralph Andrist To the Pacific With Lewis and Clark
1966 Aileen Fisher Valley of the Smallest
1959 Dale White Hold Back the Hunter