Spur Award for Best Short Nonfiction

Check all the winners of Spur Award for Best Short Nonfiction.
Year Winner Winner Work
2009 David A. Smith Owen Wister\u2019s Paladin of the Plains: The Virginian as a Cultural Hero
2008 Joseph B. Herring Selling the \u2018Noble Savage\u2019 Myth: George Catlin and the Iowa Indians in Europe, 1843-1845
2007 Kerry Oman Forced into the Rockies: The Rise of the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous Era
2006 Paul L. Hedren The Contradictory Legacies of Buffalo Bill Cody's First Scalp for Custer
2005 Jim Doherty Blood For Oil
2004 Elliott West Reconstructing Race
2003 Kerry Oman Winter in the Rockies: Winter Quarters of the Mountain Men in Montana
2002 Dale L. Walker Killer of Pain's
2001 Harry W. Paige Death Song
2000 Elliott West Golden Dreams
1999 Carlton L. Bonilla A South Dakota Rendezvous
1998 Jake Page Ranchers form Radical Center to Protect Wide-Open Spaces
1996 Fred Erisman Letters from the Field: John Sylvanus Loud and the Pine Ridge Campaign of 1880-9 1
1995 Nancy M. Peterson Captain Marsh: Master of the Missouri
1994 Howard Bryan Incredible Elfego Baca
1992 Preston Lewis Bluster's Last Stand
1991 James Crutchfield Marching with the Army of the West
1990 Shelly Ritthaler The Ginger Jar
1988 Dale L. Walker The boys of '98
1987 Joyce Gibson Roach A High-Toned Woman
1986 Robin Cody Let `Er Buck!
1985 Nellie Snyder Yost The National Game Out West
1984 Francis L. Fugate Arbuckle's: The Coffee That Won the West
1982 Thomas Y. Canby The Anasazi
1981 Alice J. Hall Buffalo Bill and the Enduring West
1979 Max Evans Super bull and other true escapades