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The American Latino Media Arts Award, or ALMA Award is an award highlighting the best American Latino contributions to music, television, and film. The awards promote fair and accurate portrayals of Latinos. In Spanish, the word alma means spirit or soul.

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ALMA Award


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(Ricardo Montalban Lifetime Achievement Award)
Guillermo del Toro
(Credited with spearheading Latino stories and themes into mainstream media and known for his visual aesthetic touch, Guillermo del Toro is an exceptional director and producer. His diverse body of work ranges from Spanish-language dark fantasy such as \u201CThe Devil\u2019s Backbone\u201D and \u201CPan\u2019s Labyrinth\u201D to action films such as \u201CHellboy,\u201D \u201CHellboy II: The Golden Army\u201D and \u201CPacific Rim.\u201D)
Dascha Polanco, Selenis Leyva
(Honored for their riveting portrayals of characters Gloria Mendoza and Dayanara Diaz on Netflix\u2019s critically acclaimed comedic drama \u201COrange is the New Black,\u201D set in a women\u2019s prison. This remarkably successful show, which just finished filming its third season, accentuates the work of its multicultural bevy of talented Latino actresses, whose roles have broken barriers and put human faces on the issues that confront those, including women of color, who are affected by our country\u2019s criminal justice system.)
Cesar Chavez
(Recognized for its artistic achievements and sweeping impact in bringing the story of a Mexican American hero to the forefront, \u201CCesar Chavez\u201D is honored for Special Achievement in Film. Directed by Diego Luna and featuring an all-star cast including Michael Peña, America Ferrera and Rosario Dawson, the film focuses on several of the most famous actions taken by Chávez and United Farm Workers, whose efforts helped win improved living and working conditions, contracts and better pay for farm workers.)
(Pitbull\u2019s incredible international successes and fierce work ethic confirm his well-earned title of \u201CMr. Worldwide\u201D and this year\u2019s honoree in music. Pitbull is also a generous supporter of education through his support of a charter school that focuses on athletics as a way to excite youth about education. With business, philanthropy and musical success, he transcends both genres and generations in his collaborations. Yet his music remains reflective and celebratory of his deep pride in his Latino heritage.)
(During National Hispanic Heritage Month, we are commending President Obama\u2019s action to give long-overdue honors to servicemembers who fought heroically for our country, but were denied recognition at the time, with the Congressional Medal of Honor, the nation\u2019s highest military award. Seventeen of the 24 members honored this past March are Latinos who served with remarkable valor and courage-even at the cost of their lives-in our nation\u2019s military.)
Café Tacuba
(A joint award presented by NCLR and Telemundo in recognition of the band\u2019s 25th anniversary of fusing rock, language and culture in to a global alternative rock scene.)