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1966 Canada Gairdner Awards

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Gairdner Foundation International Award

Rodney Robert Porter

(In recognition of his outstanding achievements in the field of immunochemistry. He has applied with incisive clarity the tools of the protein chemist to the problem of antibody structure. His methods for breaking antibodies into smaller molecular fragments provided a foundation for our understanding of the molecular architecture of these complex molecules.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Geoffrey S. Dawes

(For his outstanding contributions to our understanding of the physiological behaviour and biochemical changes occurring in the foetus in utero, and in particular for his clarification of the adjustments that occur at birth during the changeover to extra-uterine life. His basic investigations have added greatly to the knowledge of resuscitation of the newborn and resulted in the saving of many infant lives.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Charles Brenton Huggins

(In recognition of his pioneer work in the treatment of cancer with hormonal substances, and his use of a chemical means of monitoring the response in carcinoma of the prostate. Both these principles have subsequently been applied to other types of cancer with good effect.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Willem Johan Kolff

(In recognition of his early work on the development of an artificial kidney, which has in recent years contributed to the prolongation of life of many patients suffering from renal failure, and has made it practical to consider the use of kidney transplants. His work continues in an effort to develop other artificial organs.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Luis Federico Leloir

(In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of carbohydrate chemistry and metabolism and, in particular, for his discovery of the sugar nucleotides and their fundamental reactions in the biosynthesis of disaccharides and polysaccharides. This work has opened new lines of research to many other workers in relation to drug detoxification, bile pigment metabolism, and the immunochemistry of bacterial and tissue cell walls.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Jacques Miller

(In recognition of his fundamental contributions to our understanding of the role of the thymus in the development of normal immunological mechanisms in early life, and in their maintenance in the adult, and for the stimulus which his studies of the thymus gave to the rapidly developing field of immunobiology.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Jan G. Waldenström

(In recognition of his contributions to our knowledge of certain metabolic disorders and in particular for his clarification of the serum protein abnormalities in multiple myeloma and in essential macroglobulinaemia.These observations have contributed materially to a better understanding of the function of certain high molecular weight antibodies, the structure of gamma globulins, and the cell types which gave rise to them.)