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1968 Canada Gairdner Awards

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Gairdner Foundation International Award

James Learmonth Gowans

(In recognition of his contributions to a better understanding of the fate of the lymphocyte and its function in immune reactions. This work provides the experimental basis for selective suppression of immunologic mechanisms in human organ transplantations and a variety of diseases.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Bruce Chown

(For his valuable contributions to the knowledge of human blood groups and particularly for his work on the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hemolytic disease of the new­born, and for his leadership and inspiration of investigators concerned with clinical immunohematology.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

George H. Hitchings

(For his leadership in the development of metabolic inhibitors by systematic chemical modification of biologically important compounds. Agents developed in this way have proven valuable in the treatment of malaria, gout, malignant diseases, disorders of the immune system, in human organ transplantation, and a variety of diseases.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

Jacques Oudin

(In recognition of his contributions to immunochemistry through his analysis of antigen-antibody reactions in gelled media, and of his discovery and elucidation of genetic variations in the structure of immunoglobulins.)
Gairdner Foundation International Award

J. Edwin Seegmiller

(For his elucidation of a number of inborn errors of metabolism and, in particular, for his discovery of an enzyme defect (phosphoribosyltransferase deficiency) in a neurological disease characterized by mental retardation, behavioural disturbances and over-production of uric acid.)