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Chauvenet Prize

The Chauvenet Prize is the highest award for mathematical expository writing. It consists of a prize of $1,000 and a certificate, and is awarded yearly by the Mathematical Association of America in recognition of an outstanding expository article on a mathematical topic. The prize is named in honor of William Chauvenet and was established through a gift from J. L. Coolidge in 1925. Winners to date have been the following: 1925 G. A. Bliss 1929 T. H. Hildebrandt 1932 G. H. Hardy 1935 Dunham Jackson 1938 G. T. Whyburn 1941 Saunders MacLane 1944 R. H. Cameron 1947 Paul Halmos 1950 Mark Kac 1953 E. J. McShane 1956 Richard H. Bruck 1960 Cornelius Lanczos 1963 Philip J. Davis 1964 Leon Henkin 1965 Jack K. Hale & Joseph P. LaSalle 1967 Guido Weiss 1968 Mark Kac 1970 Shiing Shen Chern 1971 Norman Levinson 1972 Jean Francois Treves 1973 C. D. Olds 1974 Peter D. Lax 1975 Martin Davis and Reuben Hersh 1976 Lawrence Zalcman 1977 W. Gilbert Strang 1978 Shreeram S. Abhyankar 1979 Neil J. A. Sloane 1980 Heinz Bauer 1981 Kenneth I. Gross 1982 No award given. 1983 No award given. 1984 R. Arthur Knoebel 1985 Carl Pomerance 1986 George Miel 1987 James H. Wilkinson 1988 Steve Smale 1989 Jacob Korevaar

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Chauvenet Prize


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Robert Ghrist
(For his work, Barcodes: The Persistent Topology of Data.)