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Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction

Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction

The Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction is an annual prize awarded by the University of Georgia Press named in honor of the American short story writer and novelist Flannery O'Connor. Established in 1983 to encourage young writers by bringing their work to the attention of readers and reviewers, it has since become a significant proving ground for newcomers. It is awarded annually to two winners for a collection of short stories or novellas. Authors of winning manuscripts receive a cash award of US$1000, and their collections are subsequently published under a standard contract. The Press occasionally selects more than two winners. On October 27, 2005, the University of Georgia Press rescinded author Brad Vice's Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction and recalled copies of his collection The Bear Bryant Funeral Train. Vice was alleged to have plagiarized sections of one story from Carl Carmer's book Stars Fell on Alabama.
Date Established : 1983

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Linda Leguarde Grover

Honored for : The Dance Boots

Andrew J. Porter

Honored for : The Theory of Light and Matter

Peter Selgin

Honored for : Drowning Lessons

Peter LaSalle

Honored for : Tell Borges If You See Him: Tales of Contemporary Somnambulism

Anne Panning

Honored for : Super America

Margot Singer

Honored for : The Pale of Settlement

Greg Downs

Honored for : Spit Baths

Randy F. Nelson

Honored for : The Imaginary Lives of Mechanical Men

David Crouse

Honored for : Copy Cats

Barbara Sutton

Honored for : The Send-Away Girl

Gary Fincke

Honored for : Sorry I Worried You

Catherine Brady

Honored for : Curled in the Bed of Love

Ed Allen

Honored for : Ate It Anyway

Eric Shade

Honored for : Eyesores

Gina Ochsner

Honored for : The Necessary Grace to Fall

Kellie Wells

Honored for : Compression Scars

Dana Johnson

Honored for : Break Any Woman Down

Bill Roorbach

Honored for : Big Bend

Robert Anderson

Honored for : Ice Age

Darrell Spencer

Honored for : Caution, Men in Trees

Mary Clyde

Honored for : Survival Rates

Hester Kaplan

Honored for : The Edge of Marriage

Frank Soos

Honored for : Unified Field Theory

Ha Jin

Honored for : Under the Red Flag

Harvey Grossinger

Honored for : The Quarry

Andy Plattner

Honored for : Winter Money

Paul Rawlins

Honored for : No Lie Like Love

Wendy Brenner

Honored for : Large Animals in Everyday Life

C. M. Mayo

Honored for : Sky over El Nido

Carol Lee Lorenzo

Honored for : Nervous Dancer

Alyce Miller

Honored for : The Nature of Longing

Christopher McIlroy

Honored for : All My Relations

Dianne Nelson

Honored for : A Brief History of Male Nudes in America

Rita Ciresi

Honored for : Mother Rocket

Alfred DePew

Honored for : The Melancholy of Departure

Dennis Hathaway

Honored for : The Consequences of Desire

T. M. McNally

Honored for : Low Flying Aircraft

Robert H. Abel

Honored for : Ghosts Traps

Debra Monroe

Honored for : The Source of Trouble

Nancy Zafris

Honored for : The People I Know

Antonya Nelson

Honored for : The expendables

Carol L. Glickfeld

Honored for : Useful Gifts

Philip F. Deaver

Honored for : Silent Retreats

Gail Galloway Adams

Honored for : The Purchase of Order

Melissa Pritchard

Honored for : Spirit Seizures

Salvatore La Puma

Honored for : The Boys of Bensonhurst

Tony Ardizzone

Honored for : The Evening News

Peter Meinke

Honored for : The Piano Tuner

Molly Giles

Honored for : Rough Translations

Daniel Curley

Honored for : Living with Snakes

Mary Hood

Honored for : How Far She Went

Sandra Thompson

Honored for : Close-Ups

François Camoin

Honored for : Why Men are Afraid of Women

Susan Neville

Honored for : The Invention of Flight

David Walton

Honored for : Evening Out

Leigh Allison Wilson

Honored for : From the Bottom Up