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Juno Award for Aboriginal Album of the Year

Juno Award

The Juno Award for Aboriginal Album of the Year is an annual award presented by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for the best album by a Canadian aboriginal person. It was formerly known as Aboriginal Recording of the Year and Best Music of Aboriginal Canada Recording.
Date Established : 1994

Check all the winners of Juno Award for Aboriginal Album of the Year presented under Juno Award since 1994 .

George Leach

Honored for : Surrender

Nominations 2014 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Amanda Rheaume Keep a Fire
Desiree Dorion Small Town Stories
George Leach Surrender
Inez Burn Me Down
Nathan Cunningham Road Renditions

Crystal Shawanda

Honored for : Just Like You

Nominations 2013 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Burnt Project 1 The Black List
Don Amero Heart On My Sleeve
Donny Parenteau Bring It On
Janet Panic Samples
Crystal Shawanda Just Like You

Murray Porter

Honored for : Songs Lived and Life Played

Nominations 2012 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Murray Porter Songs Lived and Life Played
Bruthers of Different Muthers Speakers of Tomorrow
Flying Down Thunder and Rise Ashen One Nation
Donny Parenteau To Whom it May Concern
Randy Wood The Gift of Life


Honored for : CerAmony

Nominations 2011 »

Nominee Nominated Work
CerAmony CerAmony
Joey Stylez The Black Star
Eagle & Hawk The Great Unknown
Derek Miller Derek Miller with Double Trouble
Troy Westwood Vigilance

Digging Roots

Honored for : We Are

Nominations 2010 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Digawolf Distant Morning Star
Inez Sing Soul Girl
Lucie Idlout Swagger
Wayne Lavallee Trail of Tears
Digging Roots We Are

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Honored for : Running for the Drum

Nominations 2009 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Buffy Sainte-Marie Running for the Drum
Tanya Tagaq Gillis Auk/Blood
Billy Joe Green First Law Of The Land
Tracy Bone No Lies
Team Rezofficial The World (And Everything In It)

Derek Miller

Honored for : The Dirty Looks

Nominations 2008 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Derek Miller The Dirty Looks
Troy Westwood Home and Native Land
Sandy Scofield Nikawiy Askiy
Fara Palmer Phoenix
Donny Parenteau What It Takes

Leela Gilday

Honored for : Sedzé

Nominations 2007 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Leela Gilday Sedzé
Susan Aglukark Blood Red Earth
Jason Burnstick Burn
Digging Roots Seeds
Northern Cree Stay Red

Burnt Project 1

Honored for : Hometown

Nominations 2006 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Burnt Project 1 Hometown
Eagle & Hawk Life Is...
Billy Joe Green Muskrat Blues and Rock & Roll
Asani Rattle & Drum
Tanya Tagaq Gillis Sinaa

Elisapie Isaac

Honored for : Taima

Nominations 2005 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Elisapie Isaac Taima
Wayne Lavallee Green Dress
The Pappy Johns Band Full Circle
Murray Porter Full Circle
Florent Vollant KATAKu
Claude McKenzie Pishimuss

Susan Aglukark

Honored for : Big Feeling

Nominations 2004 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Susan Aglukark Big Feeling
Burnt Project 1 The Avenue
Eagle & Hawk Mother Earth
Sandy Scofield Ketwam
Whitefish Jrs. In Honour of Percy Dreaver

Derek Miller

Honored for : Lovesick Blues

Nominations 2003 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Derek Miller Lovesick Blues
Lawrence Martin The Right Combination
Vern Cheechoo The Right Combination
Leela Gilday spirit world, solid wood
Chester Knight Standing Strong
Randy Wood Round Dance The Night Away

Eagle & Hawk

Honored for : On And On

Nominations 2002 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Billy Joe Green My Ojibway Experience: Strength & Hope
Eagle & Hawk On And On
Marcel Gagnon Crazy Maker
Nakoda Lodge Dark Realm
Sandy Scofield Riel's Road

Florent Vollant

Honored for : Nipaiamianan

Nominations 2001 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Florent Vollant Nipaiamianan
John Gracie Figure Love Out
Mishi Donovan Journey Home
C-Weed Run As One
Susan Aglukark Unsung Heroes

Chester Knight, The Wind

Honored for : Falling Down

Nominations 2000 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Chester Knight Falling Down
The Wind Falling Down
Elizabeth Hill Love that Strong
Fara To Bring Back Yesterday
Vern Cheechoo Touch the Earth and Sky
Red Bull (band) World Hand Drum Champions '98

Robbie Robertson

Honored for : Contact From the Underworld of Redboy

Nominations 1999 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Robbie Robertson Contact From the Underworld of Redboy
The 1997 Aboriginal Women's Voices Group Hearts of the Nations
J. Hubert Francis Message from a Drum
Eagle Feather Message from a Drum
Jani Lauzon Thirst
TKO Welcome to the Playground

Mishi Donovan

Honored for : The Spirit Within

Nominations 1998 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Mishi Donovan The Spirit Within
Little Island Cree Little Island Cree - World Hand Drum Champions
Clayton Chief Little Island Cree - World Hand Drum Champions
No Reservations Necessary
Tom Jackson That Side of the Window
Walk Away

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Honored for : Up Where We Belong

Nominations 1997 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Buffy Sainte-Marie Up Where We Belong
Chester Knight Freedom
The Wind Freedom
Claude McKenzie Innu Town
Jerry Alfred and the Medicine Beat Nendaä: Go Back
Tudjaat Tudjaat

Jerry Alfred and the Medicine Beat

Honored for : Etsi Shon: Grandfather Song

Nominations 1996 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Jerry Alfred and the Medicine Beat Etsi Shon: Grandfather Song
Red Bull Singers Dancing Around the World
Lawrence Martin Message
Jess Lee Sacred Ground
Susan Aglukark This Child

Susan Aglukark

Honored for : Arctic Rose

Nominations 1995 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Susan Aglukark Arctic Rose
Kashtin Akua Tuta
Jani Lauzon Blue Voice/New Voice
Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble Music for the Native Americans
Tom Jackson No Regrets

Lawrence Martin

Honored for : Wapistan

Nominations 1994 »

Nominee Nominated Work
Lawrence Martin Wapistan
J. Hubert Francis Booglatamooti (The Indian Song)
Eagle Feather Booglatamooti (The Indian Song)
J. Hubert Francis Grandfather
Eagle Feather Grandfather
Stoney Park Singers Stoney Park
Sazacha Red Sky The Prayer Song