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1998 Locus Award

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Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel

Dan Simmons

Honored for : The Rise of Endymion

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Nominee Nominated Work
Greg Bear Slant
Arthur C. Clarke 3001: The Final Odyssey
Kim Stanley Robinson Antarctica
John Kessel Corrupting Dr. Nice
Linda Nagata Deception Well
Larry Niven Destiny's Road
Greg Egan Diaspora
Melissa Scott Dreaming Metal
John G. Cramer Einstein's Bridge
Jack McDevitt Eternity Road
C. J. Cherryh Finity's End
Sarah Zettel Fool's War
Joe Haldeman Forever Peace
Elizabeth Hand Glimmering
Patricia Anthony God's fires
Kathleen Ann Goonan Mississippi blues
Elizabeth Moon Once a Hero
Terry Bisson Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman
Walter M. Miller, Jr. Saint Leibowitz and the Wild Horse Woman
Paul Preuss Secret passages
Jack Williamson The Black Sun
Amitav Ghosh The Calcutta Chromosome
Molly Gloss The Dazzle of Day
Sheri S. Tepper The Family Tree
Poul Anderson The Fleet of the Stars
Peter F. Hamilton The Reality Dysfunction
Dan Simmons The Rise of Endymion
Stephen Baxter Titan
Charles Sheffield Tomorrow and Tomorrow
Locus Award for Best Fantasy Novel

Tim Powers

Honored for : Earthquake Weather

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Robin Hobb Assassin's Quest
Walter Jon Williams City on Fire
Will Shetterly Dogland
Tim Powers Earthquake Weather
Steven Brust Freedom & Necessity
Emma Bull Freedom & Necessity
Robert Holdstock Gate of Ivory, Gate of Horn
Michael Swanwick Jack Faust
Kate Elliott King's Dragon
David Drake Lord of the Isles
Tananarive Due My Soul to Keep
Robin McKinley Rose Daughter
Terry Brooks Running with the Demon
Gregory Keyes The Blackgod
Stephen King The Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass
Patrick O'Leary The Gift
Michael Shea The Mines of Behemoth
Vonda N. McIntyre The Moon and the Sun
Sean Stewart The Night Watch
Michaela Roessner The Stars Dispose
Philip Pullman The Subtle Knife
Charles de Lint Trader
James Blaylock Winter Tides
Locus Award for Best First Novel

Ian R. MacLeod

Honored for : The Great Wheel

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Julie Czerneda A Thousand Words For Stranger
Susan R. Matthews An Exchange of Hostages
Candas Jane Dorsey Black Wine
James Alan Gardner Expendable
Matthew Stover Iron Dawn
Howard V. Hendrix Lightpaths
Kirsten Bakis Lives of the Monster Dogs
William Kenneth Hartmann Mars Underground
Stephen Dedman The Art of Arrow Cutting
Ian R. MacLeod The Great Wheel
Katie Waitman The Merro Tree
Elisabeth DeVos The Seraphim Rising
Marina Fitch The Seventh Heart
Fiona Patton The Stone Prince
Stepan Chapman The Troika
Paul Witcover Waking Beauty
Locus Award for Best Short Story

James Patrick Kelly

Honored for : Itsy Bitsy Spider

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Robert Reed Booming Ice
Gene Wolfe Flash Company
Paul Park Get a Grip
Stephen Baxter Glass Earth Inc.
John Kessel Gulliver at Home
James Patrick Kelly Itsy Bitsy Spider
Gene Wolfe No Planets Strike
Robert Silverberg On the Inside
Greg Egan Orphanogenesis
Howard Waldrop Scientifiction
Karen Joy Fowler Standing Room Only
Mike Resnick The 43 Antarean Dynasties
Robert J. Sawyer The Hand You're Dealt
Howard Waldrop Heart Of Whitenesse
Michael Swanwick The Wisdom of Old Earth
Geoffrey A. Landis Winter Fire
Stephen Baxter Zemlya
Nancy Kress Always True to Thee, in My Fashion
Terry Bisson An Office Romance
Locus Award for Best Anthology

Gardner Dozois

Honored for : The Year's Best Science Fiction: Fourteenth Annual Collection

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Robert Silverberg A Century of Science Fiction, 1950-1959
Nicola Griffith Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
Stephen Pagel Bending the Landscape: Fantasy
Keith Ferrell Black Mist and Other Japanese Futures
Orson Scott Card Black Mist and Other Japanese Futures
Ellen Datlow Black Swan, White Raven
Terri Windling Black Swan, White Raven
Gardner Dozois Dying For It
Martin H. Greenberg Love in Vein II
Poppy Z. Brite Love in Vein II
Douglas E Winter Millennium (
Gardner Dozois Modern Classics of Fantasy
Pamela Sargent Nebula Awards 31
David S. Garnett New Worlds
David Pringle The Best of Interzone
Ellen Kushner The Horns of Elfland
Donald G. Keller The Horns of Elfland
Delia Sherman The Horns of Elfland
Gregory Benford The New Hugo Winners Volume IV
Martin H. Greenberg The New Hugo Winners Volume IV
David G. Hartwell The Science Fiction Century
Ellen Datlow The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Tenth Annual Collection
Terri Windling The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror: Tenth Annual Collection
Gardner Dozois The Year's Best Science Fiction: Fourteenth Annual Collection
David G. Hartwell Year's Best SF 2