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Martin Beck Award

Martin Beck Award

The Martin Beck Award is an award given by the Swedish Crime Writers' Academy for the best crime novel in translation. It is one of the most prestigious international crime-writing awards. The Award is named after Martin Beck, a fictional Swedish police detective who is the main character in a series of ten novels by Sjöwall and Wahlöö
Date Established : 1971

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Andrew Taylor

Honored for : Bleeding Heart Square

Andrea Maria Schenkel

Honored for : The Murder Farm

Thomas H. Cook

Honored for : Red Leaves

Philippe Claudel

Honored for : Grey Souls

Arnaldur Indriðason

Honored for : Voices: A Thriller

Alexander McCall Smith

Honored for : The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

Ben Elton

Honored for : Dead Famous

Karin Fossum

Honored for : Black Seconds

Peter Robinson

Honored for : In a Dry Season

Thomas H. Cook

Honored for : The Chatham School Affair

Iain Pears

Honored for : An Instance of the Fingerpost

Mary Willis Walker

Honored for : Under the Beetle's Cellar

Barry Unsworth

Honored for : Morality Play

David Guterson

Honored for : Snow Falling on Cedars

Scott Smith

Honored for : A Simple Plan

Maarten 't Hart

Honored for : Het Woeden der Gehele Wereld

Tim Krabbé

Honored for : The Golden Egg

Manuel Vázquez Montalbán

Honored for : Southern Seas

Doris Gercke

Honored for : Weinschröter, du musst hängen

Ross Thomas

Honored for : Chinaman's Chance

Anders Bodelsen

Honored for : Mørklægning

Scott Turow

Honored for : Presumed Innocent

Matti Yrjänä Joensuu

Honored for : Harjunpää and the Tormentors

John le Carré

Honored for : A Perfect Spy

Elmore Leonard

Honored for : LaBrava

Len Deighton

Honored for : Berlin Game

Pierre Magnan

Honored for : Death in the Truffle Wood

Margaret Yorke

Honored for : The Scent of Fear

Sébastien Japrisot

Honored for : One Deadly Summer

Ruth Rendell

Honored for : Make Death Love Me

Brian Garfield

Honored for : Recoil

Anthony Price

Honored for : Other Paths to Glory

Leslie Thomas

Honored for : Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective

John Franklin Bardin

Honored for : The Last of Philip Banter

John Franklin Bardin

Honored for : Devil Take the Blue-tail Fly

Cornell Woolrich

Honored for : Rendezvous in Black

Anthony Berkeley Cox

Honored for : Malice Aforethought

Richard Neely

Honored for : The Walter Syndrome

Frederick Forsyth

Honored for : The Day of the Jackal

Julian Symons

Honored for : The 31st of February