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1957 National Book Award

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1957 National Book Awards Ceremony

National Book Award for Fiction

Wright Morris

Honored for : The Field of Vision

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Nominee Nominated Work
Wright Morris The Field of Vision
Nelson Algren A Walk on the Wild Side
James Baldwin Giovanni's Room
Saul Bellow Seize the Day
B. J. Chute Greenwillow
Alfred Bertram Guthrie These Thousand Years
John Hersey A single pebble
John Hunt Generations of Men
Edwin O'Connor The Last Hurrah
J. F. Powers Presence of Grace
Elizabeth Spencer The Voice at the Back Door
James Thurber Further fables for our time
National Book Award for Nonfiction

George F. Kennan

Honored for : Russia Leaves the War

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
George F. Kennan Russia Leaves the War
Samuel Flagg Bemis John Quincy Adams and the Union
James MacGregor Burns Roosevelt: The Lion and the Fox
Bruce Catton This Hallowed Ground
William Chambers Old Bullion Benton
Stuart Chase Guides to Straight Thinking
Arthur Compton The Atomic Quest
Frank Burt Freidel Franklin D. Roosevelt: The Triumph
Eric F. Goldman The Crucial Decade, America 1945-55
Kathryn Hulme The Nun's Story
Paul Murray Kendall Richard the Third
John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage
Samuel Lubell The Revolt of the Moderates
Perry Miller The Raven and the Whale
Lewis Mumford The Transformations of Man
Edwin Way Teale Autumn Across America
Robert Penn Warren Segregation, the Inner Conflict in the South
William H. Whyte The Organization Man
National Book Award for Poetry

Richard Wilbur

Honored for : Things of This World

Nominations »

Nominee Nominated Work
Richard Wilbur Things of This World
Edgar Bowers The Form of Loss
Leah Bodine Drake This Tilting Dust
Charles Edward Eaton The greenhouse in the garden
Kenneth Fearing New and selected poems
Robert Fitzgerald In the Rose of Time
Katherine Hoskins Villa Narcisse
Rolfe Humphries Green armor on green ground
Joseph Langland Poets of today. III
Anne Morrow Lindbergh The Unicorn & Other Poems
W. S. Merwin Green with beasts
Marianne Moore Like a bulwark
Ezra Pound Section: rock-drill
Kenneth Rexroth In defense of the earth
John Hall Wheelock Poems Old and New