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2007 National Medal of Science

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National Medal of Science for Chemistry

Mostafa El-Sayed

(For his seminal contributions to our understanding of the electronic and optical properties of nano-materials and to their applications in nano-catalysis and nano-medicine; his humanitarian efforts in promoting the exchange of ideas; and his role in developing the scientific leadership of tomorrow.)
National Medal of Science for Mathematics and Computer Science

Leonard Kleinrock

(For his fundamental contributions to the mathematical theory of modern data networks, and for the functional specification of packet switching, which is the foundation of Internet technology. His mentoring of generations of students has led to the commercialization of technologies that have transformed the world.)
National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

Robert Lefkowitz

(For his discovery of the seven transmembrane receptors, deemed the largest, most versatile, and most therapeutically accessible receptor signaling system, and for describing the general mechanism of their regulation, influencing all fields of medical practice.)
National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

Bert W. O'Malley

(For his pioneering work on the molecular mechanisms of steroid hormone action and hormone receptors and coactivators, which has had a profound impact on our knowledge of steroid hormones in normal development and in diseases, including cancer.)
National Medal of Science for Physical Science

Charles Pence Slichter

(For establishing nuclear magnetic resonance as a powerful tool to reveal the fundamental molecular properties of liquids and solids. His inspired teaching has led generations of physicists and chemists to develop a host of modern technologies in condensed matter physics, chemistry, biology, and medicine.)
National Medal of Science for Mathematics and Computer Science

Andrew Viterbi

(For his development of the maximum-likelihood algorithm for convolutional coding, known as the Viterbi algorithm, and for his contributions to Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) wireless technology that transformed the theory and practice of digital communications.)
National Medal of Science for Engineering

David J. Wineland

(For his leadership in developing the science of laser cooling and manipulation of ions, with applications in precise measurements and standards, quantum computing, and fundamental tests of quantum mechanics; his major impact on the international scientific community through the training of scientists; and his outstanding publications)
National Medal of Science for Physical Science

Fay Ajzenberg-Selove

(For her pioneering contributions in nuclear physics that have advanced research into many applications, including energy generation from fusion, dating of artifacts, and nuclear medicine; her passion for teaching; and her outstanding service to her profession.)