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2008 National Medal of Science

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2008 National Medals Ceremony

National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

Craig Venter

(For his dedication to the advancement of the science of genomics, his contributions to our understanding of its implications for society, and his commitment to the clear communication of information to the scientific community, the public, and policymakers.)
National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

Elaine Fuchs

(For her pioneering use of cell biology and molecular genetics in mice to understand the basis of inherited diseases in humans and her outstanding contributions to our understanding of the biology of skin and its disorders, including her notable investigations of adult skin stem cells, cancers, and genetic syndromes.)
National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

Francis Collins

(For his visionary contributions to the fields of genetics and genomics through the work of his own laboratory and his leadership of multiple international genomics initiatives, including the Human Genome Project.)
National Medal of Science for Behavioral and Social Science

Michael I. Posner

(For his innovative application of technology to the understanding of brain function, his incisive and accurate modeling of functional tasks, and his development of methodological and conceptual tools to help understand the mind and the development of brain networks of attention.)
National Medal of Science for Chemistry

Joanna Fowler

(For her pioneering work in chemistry involving the synthesis of medical imaging compounds and her innovative applications of these compounds to human neuroscience, which have significantly advanced our understanding of the human brain and brain diseases including drug addiction.)
National Medal of Science for Chemistry

JoAnne Stubbe

(For her ground-breaking experiments establishing the mechanisms of ribonucleotide reductases, polyester synthases, and natural product DNA cleavers)
National Medal of Science for Engineering

Rudolf E. Kálmán

(For his fundamental contributions to modern system theory, which provided rigorous mathematical tools for engineering, econometrics, and statistics, and in particular for his invention of the Kalman filter, which was critical to achieving the Moon landings and creating the Global Positioning System and which has facilitated the use of computers in control and communications technology.)
National Medal of Science for Physical Science

Berni Alder

(For establishing powerful computer methods useful for molecular dynamics simulations, conceiving and executing experimental shock-wave simulations to obtain properties of fluids and solids at very high pressures, and developing Monte Carlo methods for calculating the properties of matter from first principles, all of which contributed to major achievements in the science of condensed matter.)
National Medal of Science for Physical Science

James E. Gunn

(For his brilliant design of many of the most influential telescopes and instruments in astronomy, and in particular for the crucial role those technological marvels played in the creation of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, which has cataloged 200 million stars, galaxies, and quasars; discovered the most distant known quasars; and probed the epoch of formation of the first stars and galaxies.)