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2009 National Medal of Science

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2009 National Medals Ceremony

National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

Stanley B. Prusiner

(For his discovery of prions, the causative agent of bovine spongiform encephalopathy and other related neurodegenerative diseases, and his continuing efforts to develop effective methods for detecting and treating prion diseases.)
National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

Susan Lindquist

(For her studies of protein folding, demonstrating that alternative protein conformations and aggregations can have profound and unexpected biological influences, facilitating insights in fields as wide-ranging as human disease, evolution, and biomaterials.)
National Medal of Science for Behavioral and Social Science

Mortimer Mishkin

(For his contributions to understanding the neural basis of perception and memory in primates, notably the delineation of sensory neocortical processing systems especially for vision, audition, and somatic sensation, and the organization of memory systems in the brain.)
National Medal of Science for Chemistry

Marye Anne Fox

(For her research contributions in the areas of organic photochemistry and electrochemistry and for enhancing our understanding of excited state and charge-transfer processes with interdisciplinary applications in material science, solar energy conversion, and environmental chemistry.)
National Medal of Science for Chemistry

Stephen J. Benkovic

(For his research contributions in the field of bioorganic chemistry, which have changed our understanding of how enzymes function and advanced the identification of targets and strategies for drug design.)
National Medal of Science for Mathematics and Computer Science

David Mumford

(For his contributions to the field of mathematics, which fundamentally changed algebraic geometry, and for connecting mathematics to other disciplines such as computer vision and neurobiology.)
National Medal of Science for Engineering

Amnon Yariv

(For foundational contributions to photonics and quantum electronics, including his demonstration of the semiconductor distributed feedback laser that underpins todays high-speed optical fiber communications.)
National Medal of Science for Physical Science

Yakir Aharonov

(For his contributions to the foundations of quantum physics and for drawing out unexpected implications of that field ranging from the Aharonov-Bohm effect to the theory of weak measurement.)
National Medal of Science for Physical Science

Esther M. Conwell

(For her broad contributions to understanding electron and hole transport in semiconducting materials, which helped to enable commercial applications of semiconductor and organic electronic devices, and for extending her analysis to studying the electronic properties of DNA.)
National Medal of Science for Physical Science

Warren M. Washington

(For his development and use of global climate models to understand climate and explain the role of human activities and natural processes in the Earths climate system and for his work to support a diverse science and engineering workforce.)