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2010 National Medal of Science

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2010 National Medals Ceremony

National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

Rudolf Jaenisch

(For improving our understanding of epigenetic regulation of gene expression: the biological mechanisms that affect how genetic information is variably expressed. His work has led to major advances in our understanding of mammalian cloning and embryonic stem cells.)
National Medal of Science for Biological Sciences

Ralph L. Brinster

(For his fundamental contributions to the development and use of transgenic mice. His research has provided experimental foundations and inspiration for progress in germline genetic modification in a range of species, which has generated a revolution in biology, medicine, and agriculture.)
National Medal of Science for Chemistry

Peter J. Stang

(For his creative contributions to the development of organic supramolecular chemistry and for his outstanding and unique record of public service.)
National Medal of Science for Chemistry

Jacqueline Barton

(For discovery of a new property of the DNA helix, long-range electron transfer, and for showing that electron transfer depends upon stacking of the base pairs and DNA dynamics. Her experiments reveal a strategy for how DNA repair proteins locate DNA lesions and demonstrate a biological role for DNA-mediated charge transfer.)
National Medal of Science for Mathematics and Computer Science

Richard A. Tapia

(For his pioneering and fundamental contributions in optimization theory and numerical analysis and for his dedication and sustained efforts in fostering diversity and excellence in mathematics and science education.)
National Medal of Science for Mathematics and Computer Science

S. R. Srinivasa Varadhan

(For his work in probability theory, especially his work on large deviations from expected random behavior, which has revolutionized this field of study during the second half of the twentieth century and become a cornerstone of both pure and applied probability. The mathematical insights he developed have been applied in diverse fields including quantum field theory, population dynamics, finance, econometrics, and traffic engineering.)
National Medal of Science for Engineering

Shu Chien

(For pioneering work in cardiovascular physiology and bioengineering, which has had tremendous impact in the fields of microcirculation, blood rheology and mechanotransduction in human health and disease.)