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1947 Pulitzer Prize

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1947 Pulitzer Prize

Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

Robert Penn Warren

Honored for : All the King's Men
Pulitzer Prize for Correspondence

Brooks Atkinson

(For distinguished correspondence during 1946, as exemplified by his series of articles on Russia.)
Pulitzer Prize for Music

Charles Ives

Honored for : Symphony No. 3
Pulitzer Prize for Public Service

Howard M. Norton

Honored for : The Baltimore Sun
(For its series of articles by Howard M. Norton dealing with the administration of unemployment compensation in Maryland, resulting in convictions and pleas of guilty in criminal court of 93 persons.)
Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Writing

William H. Grimes

(For his distinguished editorial writing during the year.)
Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning

Vaughn Shoemaker

(For his cartoon, 'Still Racing His Shadow.')
Pulitzer Prize for Photography

Arnold Hardy

(For his photo of girl leaping to death in hotel fire, distributed by the AP.)
Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography

William Allen White

Honored for : The Autobiography of William Allen White
Pulitzer Prize for Poetry

Robert Lowell

Honored for : Lord Weary's Castle
Pulitzer Prize for History

James Phinney Baxter III

Honored for : Scientists Against Time
Pulitzer Prize for Reporting

Frederick Woltman

(For his articles during 1946 on the infiltration of Communism in the U.S.)
Pulitzer Prize for Telegraphic Reporting - International

Eddy Gilmore

(For his correspondence from Moscow in 1946.)
Pulitzer Prize for Telegraphic Reporting - National

Edward T. Folliard

(For his series of articles published during 1946 on the Columbians, Inc..)
Pulitzer Prize Special Citations and Awards

Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

(For their efforts to maintain and advance the high standards governing the Pulitzer Prize awards.)
Pulitzer Prize Special Citations and Awards

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

(For its unswerving adherence to the public and professional ideals of its founder and its constructive leadership in the field of American journalism.)